Two fallen passengers after a drunken dare


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Carnival cruise ship

On a four-day Carnival Cruise, two drunk college boys were found floating overboard, while being held up by a barrel of oil dumped in the water. They were found after a cleaner heard sea shanties being sung from down beneath the boat…though they were hoping it was a siren.

As the travelers explored their first stop at Very Cary Island, the day drinker in them came out. During this day’s event, many of the younger travelers forgot to keep their designated drivers sober. The college boys were asked about their adventure from the day:

  • Brad Hendrix- “It was gnarly dude. I don’t remember it…but it was definitely super radtastic.”
  • Chad Flexor- “I woke up with some bruises…I don’t know how I got them…I like to think of them as symbols for my youthful bliss.”

While these two drunks were having a “radtastic” time, complaints were sent to the captains of the ship. Many of the other passengers didn’t think of the situation as “gnarly”:

  • Karen Wright- “NO. It was not ‘gnarly’, it was horrendous. I spoke to the captain about my complaints…though he wouldn’t listen.” 
  • David Goodman- “I’m pretty sure one of them puked on my son.”
  • Richard Marvall- “It was kind of silly-goofy of them to be such rapscallions…very mischievous.”
  •  Phyllis Hannon- “Boys will be boys.”
  •  Harvey Charvel- “You know, back in my day everybody was black out drunk…illegally I might add! Haha! What a time!”

Brad and Chad wreaked havoc before they finally flew overboard. First they started by caroling throughout each level of the ship. They then moved on to Happy Hour at each of the bars…which then led to throwing up their free buffet breakfast over the top deck. 

Once they stumbled their way down to the main floor…they drunkenly dared each other to “catch a seagull”. As soon as they took their first steps towards the bird, tripping over their own feet and grabbing each other for support, they went overboard. 

When they were finally discovered, Brad and Chad were lifted up from the barrel of oil through a life saver thrown over the ship. The small Filipino workers were forced to line up, with ten of them, in order to pull up Brad and Chad. 

The two boys did give the workers a “hefty” tip…about two dollars each. They claimed that two dollars is “a lot in other countries”. The workers were still grateful, since they’re used to little to no pay on most days…they’re said to be paid in “food and housing”.

However, by being on this cruise Brad and Chad were able to find themselves. They both sobered up and dropped out of their frat house. Brad graduated with his masters in humanities, while Chad got his bachelors in marketing. They both decided to move in together…splitting the cost.

The cruise line sailed on without facing any charges from the passengers…or at least any public cases. Sales doubled for the cruise after news got out, with many hoping to see similar chaotic experiences.