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Melon Eusk engineered implant to be put in the human brain
Elon Musk with the chip implanted
Courtesy of Business Today
Elon Musk with the chip implanted

Melon Eusk has implanted his brain chip, called Telekinesis, into a human brain for the first time this past week. Many worry about the ethical and moral implications behind this creation and the use of it. 

The overall purpose of the chip, as stated by Eusk and his company, is to “create a life of independence and freedom for those who use it”. Eusk wants his users to live a more fulfilling life that enables them to control their lives “hands free”. 


He could implant me anytime if he wanted.

— Eric Ahart

However, the public has its concerns due to the previous testing done on animals leading to unnecessary deaths. Altogether there were roughly 1,500 deaths of animals such as pigs, sheep, and monkeys.

The deaths are believed to be unnecessary due to the fast-paced testing and negligence for the physiological and physical well-being of the animals. The company and Melon Eusk have refused to make any comments about these allegations.


Human and animal rights activists gave there two-cents on the Telekinesis implant:

  • Amber Forse (head of animal rights group)- “See if all of those deaths were humans I wouldn’t have a problem… but animals? How cruel do you have to be to let even one poor baby die?”

  • Jack Morgan (animal rights)- “I’m not worried about the pigs and sheep, those are brain-dead cattle animals. Monkeys are basically like us though, one day they’ll take over the world. Giving them a chip will make them too powerful.”

  •  Betty Hemming (human rights)- “It’s just a bunch of stupid animals.”

  • Eric Ahart (human rights)- “Personally, I don’t really care about who dies, since it’s Mr. Eusk. He could implant me anytime if he wanted.”


Both the public and those working for Melon Eusk’s company have tried to express their concerns, but have been met with a wall. All of the comments have been brushed aside as the brain chips continue to be developed.

Even with the backlash from the negligence of the animal subjects the FDA has still allowed the company to move forward with its testing (they believe in granting billionaires the power to do as they please).

Now using human subjects, the company is working under a lot more pressure to make sure their product is the “cure-all”. Due to this pressure, Eusk has rushed the team with their testing… making some of the recovering subjects  experience weird changes.

Some of the human subjects who recovered stated to have “gained intelligence”, “felt a loss of human emotions”, felt a need for “taking over the world”, and many more similar symptoms. These symptoms have not yet been serious enough for concerns to be raised, but there have been some slight changes in heart.

The scientists running the tests have become worried about these developments and find rushing the results could lead to a catastrophic ending. 

They predict that the implant could lead to a virus in the brains of humans causing them to become solely connected to the robotic world. Some members have even stated that this could be the start of “the take-over everyone joked about”. 

Rumors have also surfaced that the bunkers the billionaires were building late last year were to prepare for Eusk’s plans with the implant. These doomsday bunkers have their own ways to produce sustainable food, energy, and water, just in case these “brainless monkeys” were to get taken over by the chips. 

Although the chips are still a work in progress, they have been a light of hope for some. Those who are still for the development of the implant look forward to the possible benefits of them. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Having no original thoughts (thinking is hard)
  • Not having to move (Wall-E really did predict the future)
  • Constantly online (you never have to miss a meme)
  • Listening to loud music (you can finally feel the music rattle your bones)
  • Everything is done for you (this is what freedom is really about)
  • Quick online shopping (addiction has never been so easy)
  • Everyone can know what you’re thinking (obviously everyone wants to know what cool thing you’re thinking of right now)
  • Free lobotomy (who needs to feel emotions?)
  • iPad kid 2.0 (your mom would be so proud)
  • Get the newest technology (what’s more important than being ahead of the game?)

The benefits go on and on, but will these benefits outweigh the issues that still lie within the technology? Discussions are continuing to be had about Melon Eusk’s implant and will continue to happen until all the testing and research results come back positively. 

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