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Crimes committed by one of the leading candidates flies under the radar
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Presidential candidate, Micheal Frank, has been accused of being involved in a money scandal. Frank was said to have created fake dollar bills for “personal use”. The money has since been used in affairs regarding an underground political group, which has been accused of giving candidates advantages over their opponents. 

Some of these advantages given by the groups include:

  • Stronger advertisements (they lie about your opponents)
  • Investigative stalking (it’s fun for them)
  • Hired hitman (it’s a sure-fire way to beat your opponents)
  • Parades (who doesn’t want a parade in their honor?)

Felony ‘Smelony

 Frank has claimed that he would only give a “couple hundred thousand dollars” to the underground groups compared to the “millions” other candidates typically donate. Due to how small his payments are in comparison to the others, many of his voters have decided to ignore his criminal acts.

Multiple voters were interviewed on their stances regarding the situation:

  • Jessica Marble (pro-Frank)- “He said he’d make this country great again… keep those criminals out.”

  • Ethan Tute (pro-Frank)- “I just think he’s a funny little dude. I’m sure it was accidental or he was framed or even blackmailed.”

  • Helen Nickleson (anti-Frank)- “He literally committed a felony??? Am I missing something??”

  • Tyler Horton (neutral)- “I’m just tired of old men.”


Although polls say some voters are outraged by Frank’s felony charges, no actions have been taken. Most of what Frank has done has been swept under the rug already. Many are stating that he should only be punished for his crimes after the election takes place and only if he were to lose (if he wins the felony gets forgiven). 

Micheal Frank is currently being prosecuted for his crimes by the state; however, due to campaigning for the election he has failed to show up to ten of the scheduled court dates. He’s told the press that his “voters come first” and wishes to wait until after the election to be tried in court. 

Frank’s opponent, Vanessa Hotch, has publicly announced that Frank is an “unfit candidate” and should not be “in the running” against candidates who “did not use outside forces to gain an unfair advantage”. Hotch is pushing for the trial to be scheduled sooner rather than later. 

Frank will also be facing court punishments for his failure to show up to the trials. The judge hearing his case has expressed his own concerns and irritation towards Frank. The judge stated that Frank was being “unreasonable” and is only going to worsen his punishment the more he avoids the problem. 

Frank’s supporters are still refusing to acknowledge that he had anything to do with the fake money or the underground political groups. They claim that someone so “good” for the country could never do anything wrong. Frank’s supporters find it odd that people would even consider that Frank could ever do such a thing. 

Hotch’s supporters have been protesting each of Frank’s campaign speeches, following him from state to state and city to city. The protesters have been carrying around signs with different sayings written onto them.

Here are some examples of the sayings:

  • “My president doesn’t have affairs”
  • “Why can’t I make my own money?”
  • “Frank more like FELON (and not even in a fun way)”
  • “HE is NOT my president”
  • “Felony ‘Smelony’”
  • Giant Ignorant Lying Felon”

These signs were not effective on Frank or his supporters. Frank even acknowledged the protesters in his latest speech. He called the protesters “silly” for even caring about his campaign. 

The majority of the public have ruled Frank’s actions as dismissable, with many forgetting what he even did. All they remember is that he was “accused” of doing something, but was never actually caught. The public has also chosen to ignore Frank’s multiple affairs and adultery, with some backing him up stating that “he had to do what he had to do”. 

There have been previous presidential candidates which have been in similar situations. Fifty years ago, Edgar Rodrigo was caught having false criminal records made of his opponents. Again the public refused to acknowledge any crimes that were committed. 

Micheal Frank, however, is having a grand ole time with all the new publicity he is getting, quoting the phrase “all publicity is good publicity”. He’s seen an increase in turnouts at each of his campaign stops and has figured that it’s due to the trial. 

For those who wish to follow Frank’s journey towards presidency, he will be visiting the small town of Blue Ridge, Georgia next. He also posts daily updates on his website,, and on his social media accounts, @real_micheal_frank.

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