Come meet the animals of the National Welfare Zoo.


Aubrey Cruson

The poor animals stuck at the zoo.

The National Welfare Zoo has finally held its grand opening! What exciting exhibits will they bring to the playing field?

The National Welfare Zoo is a brand new zoo with fun and exhilarating exhibits and museums. They have animals ranging from the tiniest of fish to the largest of hippos… as well as everything a kid (or a less developed adult) could dream of. The habitats they have for the animals are so realistic it feels like you’re really in the safari or Antarctica or the desert, you can’t even tell there’s a green screen (and the animals probably can’t as well). 

He wasn’t the one
getting paid for keeping
the animals alive.

Giving us a tour today is none other than Zack, a 16-year-old hired just yesterday, who will show us the behind the scenes of all the different exhibits. 

“Our first stop is one of the most popular ones, the elephants. They’re a little antsy sometimes so don’t worry about the weird stomping and noises they make, people just make them nervous. Moving on… we have the gorillas. Little kids love them… they don’t really love the kids. The kids and the animals have strange relationships.” 

It doesn’t matter to the kids if the animals don’t like them; they just want to see cute animals. Little kids, being the majority of the population at zoos, make it easy for the zoo keepers to relax. Their mature attitudes and parents that know to keep their eyes on their kids, help keep a safe and friendly environment in public spaces. As we moved further into the tour we ran into a father and his daughter over at the panda exhibit.

“I want to pet the pandas! Can I give them some of my crackers?” The daughter started to throw a tantrum, she was kicking and screaming. She threw herself to the ground and flailed her arms. 

We saw the crackers fly from her hand into the cage and watched it land right next to the pandas. Zack was stress free when seeing this, he hadn’t a care in the world. He wasn’t the one getting paid for keeping the animals alive, so why should he care? Moving on, Zack directed our attention over the tigers.

“The tigers over here are some of the rarest in the world. You see their faded fur? That means they’re unlike any in the wild. No other tiger has this unique light orange and gray colored stripes. Their slim figure also helps them with hunting and running; it makes them faster when having to chase their prey. At our zoo we like to make their habitats as close to the real world as possible. For the tigers we have hunting nights where we throw in a couple mice and let them have at it.” 

They’re really bringing in that aspect of reality. I’m sure the animals love it here. It’s better than any safari zoo, where you can see the animals in their natural habitat uncaged. The National Welfare Zoo, brand new to the game, seems to already be one of the biggest competitors for already existing zoos. 

How will the other zoos ever survive?