Who knew homework was such a sensitive topic?


Aubrey Cruson

Homework is overwhelming.

Have you ever gone to school? Well one teenager and their teacher sure have and they describe the workload very… differently. 

High school is a great place. The welcoming environment (as you see people barking at each other), the clean bathrooms (where they get painted over every other week due to students’ graffiti), the engaged students (where they’re all too busy looking at who knows what on their phone), and technologically savvy individuals  (where students play games instead of doing their work). Lovely, isn’t it? There are different sides to every story, just like we are about to find out today.

I can walk over
to the coffee shop
and sit on a hard stool
and contemplate
my life choices.

Student Mark Walkens was more than happy to give his opinion: “Look, I’m not saying homework isn’t important… but it’s not important. Us students are tired and yet the teachers don’t seem to care. Oh my apologies… they do care, ‘they just have to do their jobs.’” Walkens’ eyes rolled completely out of sight as he said this.

 “The teachers here like to ‘bless’ their students with work. Each teacher gives us only an hour of homework each night. It’s not too much to handle, it’s not like students have anything else going on in their lives.”

Walkens had so much attitude and held this dark scowl on his face, it was like he was trying to pierce a hole through the camera. His crossed arms really exemplified his open mindedness. Walkens, without any hesitation, will take any and all critics to their argument, a very… inspiring statement. 

Science teacher, Josh Philips, will hopefully give a little more insight, possibly a bit of behind the scenes.

“It’s just part of the job. I don’t want to grade their work, but here we are. The students complain non-stop as if we want to be here too. I don’t even want to be at this school anymore. The only reason I’m still here is because I don’t get paid enough to retire. The only things that bring me joy are my lunch breaks. I can walk over to the coffee shop and sit on a hard stool and contemplate my life choices.”

It was then decided to get the principal, Eric Folker, involved; his perspective on the situation was greatly needed. “Did one of my teachers really say that? I would never hire someone who doesn’t want success for their students. This is outrageous! Which teacher was it? Was it one of the science teachers? I knew I should have fired him last week.” As soon as the last word was out of his mouth he started darting straight to where the group of interviews were. 

Next thing that happened was the two shoving each other outside and were getting ready for a fistfight. The principal rolled up his sleeves, the teacher kicked off his shoes, the principal pushed up his glasses, the teacher pulled up his trousers, the fight was about to start. Walkens stayed inside the school, which was for the best. It was something to watch… older people fighting… it’s more like sloths getting up after sleeping. They were taking twenty minutes just to get ready for the fight. Even though it wasn’t much of a fight they were really getting heated.

Mr. Folker began to charge Mr. Philips. “I never liked you, anyways! Good for nothing STEM teacher. If you’re gonna be a STEM teacher you have to actually like your job. This is the future of America!” Either this principal hates the STEM program or loves it. It’s hard to tell. As he was saying this he tackled the teacher to the ground and was just screaming in his face. After the screaming the teacher was able to get some words in.

“Just let me go, man. It’s not worth it. I was gonna put in my notice here soon anyways. Please just get off me. This could have been easy and gone unnoticed, but now here we are. This is gonna be all over the news. Headline: Principal Tackles STEM Teacher For Not Liking His Job.” The teacher seemed out of it. Nothing seemed to be fazing him anymore…

“I think I should go home… My parents are waiting for me…” Walkens was trying to stay out of trouble. Walkens was able to go home and retreated from school grounds.

Mr. Folker  just loved being on top. He just would not get off of Mr. Philips, and there was some tense air surrounding them. However, the authorities were called… even though they probably wouldn’t do much more than the average citizen. 

Once the police arrived, they grabbed Mr. Folker and arrested him. Mr. Philips was also taken in for questioning. The news crew was told to “hang tight” as they needed to come back for any film or audio recordings they might need to see. The story, however, will be posted without censoring.

Moral of the story: homework. The students are forced to do it and the teachers apparently get football tackled because of it. So if you or a loved one are suffering from homework, just know compensation may or may not be received; it’s a gamble really. 

The school is suffering under the lack of a principal and is being run by administration, currently. Who knows how long it will take to find a new principal, but for now everyone will suffer the consequences.