Tony Hemenway

Blurry back and forth messages.

Oh love. It’s a complicated thing, really. Many find it easy during high school years while for others… it seems to be non-existent. For one teen girl at Sentinel High School, it’s more of delusions and over-dramatization than the actual relationship itself. That’s to assume there was even one to begin with.

I thought the girl would be
in hysterics,
but surprisingly
she was unfazed. 

“After waking up one morning I decided to look at my instagram feed, as most high schoolers do, and found that a boy… yes you heard me right… a teenage boy from my school had just so happened to respond to my note. Now of course being the amazing, kind-hearted, and a hopeless romantic, as I am, I instantly replied.”

The interviews with everyone involved were, how do I put this… very disorganized:

“I mean it was the dream talking stage. He would reply with “faxxx” and I would double-tap the message. It was love at first notification.”

“She was honestly delusional, but as her friend I knew I needed to feed into those delusions so she wouldn’t become all mopey again.”

“I’m telling you this chick was crazy! She constantly messaged me. Even after I would respond half-assedly.” 

Everyone had completely different perspectives on this story. I’m starting to doubt that it actually had an ounce of romance involved in it. I mean these kids aren’t even eighteen yet, what do they know about the real world and relationships, at that? 

“I started to realize my feelings for this guy after only 24 hours of texting. I mean what’s not to like? He has dreamy eyes, a jawline that I’m pretty sure he cut someone with, fluffy hair, tall-ish, a weird smirk that’s somehow melts one’s stomach, the fact that he gives unsure responses and is never direct, and is somehow being rude but nice at the same time. He really was my dream guy. I pictured, and still kind of do, a nice married life with him.” 

“She’s one of my closest friends, I didn’t want to be the one to break her heart. So, I told her to go for it. It would be great if it worked out, but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to.”

“This girl seriously would not take a hint. You’d think all my “yup’s” and “sure’s” would have told her to stop, but no. She kept trying to start new conversations, asking about my hobbies and was so persistent in getting me to talk about them.”

This girl is taking “blind love” to a whole new level, especially since it’s more like “blind obsession”. If I was the guy I would have blocked her at this point. I’m only interviewing her and I’m starting to get freaked out. How could her friend let it go on like this? There’s a fine line between being curious and being straight up obsessive and she crossed it by a couple hundred miles. 

“After school the next day, I just knew it had to be done. I couldn’t wait any longer. I told him I was interested in him and you know coolly said I wanted to hang out with him.” 

“I really was hyping her up. She would never trust me again if I wasn’t her wing-woman. I even sent her a whole paragraph on how I would phrase the message to him.” 

“We didn’t talk all day so I figured that she finally got the hint. I really didn’t think much of it. I never messaged her either. Then all of a sudden she sends me a long ass paragraph about how she’s “interested” in me. I was taken aback. I read it over the lock screen and took a couple hours to respond. I told her it was sweet but that “I’m not looking for that right now”. Ever since we’ve never spoken.”

I thought the girl would be in hysterics, but surprisingly she was unfazed. 

“I expected it, really. In my mind I knew he didn’t like me, but if I hadn’t pushed myself to just be direct with him I would still have slight hope of being in a relationship with him.”

“It’s for the best. She’s definitely not ready for any kind of relationship. Plus if it did work out, that’s all we would be talking about. My boyfriend this… My boyfriend that… I don’t think I could be her friend anymore. The people who only talk about their significant other are extremely boring.”

“I really don’t care what happens to her, as long as she stops texting me. I have other girls I’d way rather be texting. The only reason I responded to her note was because I related to it, I never liked her or wanted to pursue her. Trust, I will never be making that mistake again.” 

Finally, it’s over. I’m tired of these teens. These crazed and obsessive teens. As a teen I was never that weird. Relationships should be fulfilling and with someone you actually want to be committed to. I mean if there are more girls like this one, I’m scared for the rest of the world, especially if there are worse ones. Men really do have it worse when it comes to dating.