Samie Hayes


“I am disappointed with…” 

After the broad question of what disappoints Samie Hayes, she passionately stated “I am disappointed with my peers because they keep not practicing in band”. Band Director, Lewis Nelson, likely shares the same disappointment .

Do you think high school is preparing you for college?

“I think high school has only prepared me for the workload, but when it comes to being an actual adult, I feel I have not been prepared. I also feel that college is going to be a very different experience from high school, so it will most likely be pretty anxiety inducing. So not really?”

After asking Samie Hayes her opinion on Sentinel’s preparation towards college, she strongly believes that high school only prepared her to an extent. High school prepared her for the potential college workload that professors will bestow. Hayes also thinks that Sentinel needs to step up their ‘lifestyle’ curriculum, for in that area she feels underwhelmed with knowledge. From her knowledge, she thinks that college will be a completely different experience and strongly believes that high schools should imitate that atmosphere. Overall, Hayes does not believe that college will be a smooth transition. 

Did you peak in high school?

“No. ‘I did not peak in high school, I am still out here getting cuter’- Samie Hayes (Jack Harlow). But on a more serious note, I really hope I didn’t because if I did peak it was a very underwhelming ‘glow up’.

On a lighter note of an interview, the question emerged if Samie Hayes felt that she ‘peaked’ in high school. Much to my surprise she said the following line that made me want to sob, “I didn’t peak in high school I’m still out here gettin’ cuter”- Samie Hayes (Jack Harlow). After that line, I merely wanted to end the interview with Hayes immediately.

Do you think participation in extracurricular activities should be required by the school?

“I think that extracurricular activities are made specifically for those who have free time and want to do something they enjoy. They shouldn’t be required, per say, but people should participate in extracurricular activities that interest them to make new friends and obtain further knowledge on the sport or activity.”

Extracurricular activities are a vital part of school. I asked Samie Hayes if she felt that extracurricular activities should be required for new students. She stated that the clubs and activities are made specifically for specific people and requirements should cheapen the experience. Even though Hayes didn’t believe it should be required, she stated “people should participate in extracurricular activities that interest them to make new friends..” Hayes advocates for the activities, but doesn’t believe in requiring students to participate in extracurriculars.

Describe your senior year of high school in three words.

“ Stressful, fun, and fast”.

When asking Samie Hayes ‘how she would describe her senior year’, she stated the following three words that summed up how the majority of seniors feel about their four years: “Stressful, fun, and fast.”