Delaney’s Goodbye Letter

To whomever it may concern,

I was listening to your next year’s staffer ‘mission statements’. Overall, there were very good ideas and pitches that will elevate the statistics of views to the Spartan Scoop. I also heard everyone talking about PREEMPTIVELY making excuses for late pieces, is this who we are? Is this who we are going to become next year? “ I have the best advice for women [you all] in business. Get up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days” -Kim Kardashian, mother, millionaire, law student, and billionaire. Just get your pieces in… Like 500 plus words isn’t that many words, and if productive, a piece can get done in a class period and it shouldn’t interfere with anything else that may be happening in your life. If everyone preemptively gives rules and excuses to not make a deadline, everyone will start making excuses to not complete a deadline and THAT, friends, is NOT who we are as staff members on the Spartan Scoop. But I digress. That girl would get their work done, so get your work done. Xoxo

With care, I guess…