Mara White

Mara White, a successful senior and music enthusiast, has big plans for her future. Her post-graduation intention is to take a gap year between high school and pursuing a higher education. She wants to attend a beauty school and then possibly pursue a degree in economics and business. As for a reflection back on senior year, she wishes she could’ve changed some things. “I would change not being in a relationship, and I would make it so that I enjoyed my high school experience more.” As well as mentioning that her favorite memory while being a student at Sentinel was watching our team win State Football for two consecutive years. Mara, being the gracious person she is, took the liberty to provide incoming freshmen with some advice, stating, “I would recommend all the incoming freshmen to understand and recognize that there is life after high school, and it’s important to make the most of your experience for the short time you are here.” 

She concludes by sincerely thanking her English teacher Mrs. Conner for helping her in school and in her personal life.