Lydia Garrick

Lydia Garrick has committed to the University of Montana’s pharmacy program, but also plans to minor in music because she is a talented cellist and enjoys making music. She was accepted into the Davidson Honors College and is looking forward to the smaller classes and expanding her knowledge. She is also excited to meet the students who are coming from out of state. Many friend groups won’t already be set, so meeting more people and hearing their stories appeals to her. Lydia hopes to be employed in a research-oriented pharmacy job and apply her education in a niche that will be useful, engaging, and rewarding. 

In her senior year, she has enjoyed the growing bond between herself and other students in her class. COVID-19 and the shared experiences the virus’s effects supplied helped the senior class unite, and so did the commonality that they are graduating. Her most useful class also came from her senior year: AP Physics 2. Lydia said that she found quantum physics and other topics interesting.

Ten years from now, Lydia says that future-her would tell current-her that she did a good job; we made it!