Felix Solano

Felix Solano, who had moved from California to Montana earlier this year, is a graduating senior. For the most part, this school year has been treating him well. However, “…it’s been a crazy year overall.” He goes on to mention the variety of drills and the school losing lots of teachers and staff members. Saying, “…just a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t expect a place like Montana to have…” He ended the statement by saying how he wished he participated in more sports at Sentinel but doesn’t regret taking a break from activities. Also taking the care to mention how he “…gained happy relationship weight for sure,” too.

 However, moving from one state to another hasn’t been the easiest transition, but Solano is taking it in stride. “I’m a lot happier than I was back in California, even though I knew those people a lot longer,”  making sure to add his words of wisdom at the end by saying, “…it’s clear to me that time kind of doesn’t matter because the people I’ve known for three months feel more important than the people I’ve known for three years.”

 As for his plans for post-graduation, Solano states that he has a lot of options on his mind. He’d like to pursue comedy a lot more in his newfound free time and is considering joining the reserves sometime this summer. His current plans include apartment hunting and moving in with Eddie Buzzard while taking over his family’s taco truck and restaurant business. His summer plans, however, involve working and celebrating his birthday in early August.