Colton Lauridson

Colton Lauridson is going to be attending the University of Montana to study sociology and minor in Arabic. He is looking forward to participating in the University’s jazz program as a talented bassist, both electric and acoustic. Obtaining this degree opens many doors for various career paths. Federal law enforcement and becoming a lawyer interest him most, especially because his skill set and background as a debater lends itself well to these jobs. Whatever career he lands in he hopes to make the community he lives in better. Ideally, Colton would like to spend a couple of years abroad. It would be exciting to explore a different part of the world and experience a culture different than that of America. He believes that this experience would help him garner appreciation for all the amenities and liberties the U.S. offers. His minor in Arabic will hopefully help grant these wishes, although the logistics are still blurry. 

In regards to high school, Colton’s favorite part of senior year was also the band’s tour down to California. He enjoyed playing on the spacious stage with the band and, of course, Wind Ensemble winning first place was great. Colton remarked that his most useful class was U.S. Government because the environment forced him to think instead of being fed trivial facts that often don’t matter in the real world. The concepts covered in the class laid a strong foundation to build off of as he moves forward in his studies and in life. In ten years, Colton thinks that future him would tell present him not to take life so seriously. The grades aren’t as important as health and happiness. Sometimes having more fun is more important than doing the “smart” thing. Memories are valuable, GPA scores lose their importance quickly.