Calla Thompson

Calla Thompson will be attending UCLA in the fall of 2022 to study business economics. A strong motive behind her choosing this major is to understand economics, and therefore money, so she can make more money. She’s excited to live on campus because she’ll be close to Santa Monica beach, a place she liked when Sentinel’s band visited for spring break. Calla plans to get involved on campus and is hoping to participate in intramural sports and make new friends. She also wants to get an internship to become more versatile and prepared for her future. Calla’s excited to get away from Missoula’s cold weather and snow and enjoy California’s mostly sunny and warm weather. After she graduates with her degree she’s looking forward to seeing what career opportunities open up. She hopes to get a job in the business industry or the marketing industry. 

Calla enjoyed being involved in Business Professionals of America (BPA), especially because she got to fly to Texas to participate in National BPA. She added that the band trip to California was fun. The most useful class she took in high school was her AP Language and Composition class that she took her junior year. It taught her to be a better writer and reader because she was forced to do so under the pressure of a time limit. In ten years, looking back on herself as a girl about to venture into college, Calla believes that she would advise herself to do more activities and make more friends. She hopes that in ten years she wouldn’t have taken things too seriously and was able to have fun.