Annie McLaverty

After high school Annie will be attending the University of Montana to get a degree in education in hopes of one day becoming an elementary school teacher. Annie loves hanging out with her dogs Rocky and Bullwinkle as well as hanging out with her  brother as well as  working at Restyle which she does quite often. Her favorite memory from high school was when she once tripped up the stairs and caused someone next to her who had a cast on their leg to trip and fall as well (she later apologized). Annie also remembers the positive aspects of high school like football games, and senior year as she has enjoyed making new friends. Annie also remembers being locked in the Sentinel basement when helping clean up a school event. Her favorite colors are pink and green, her favorite artist is Lee Brice and her favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber. Annie hopes to one day teach elementary school as she loves young kids and being around those who love them the same.