Biden Administration Under Fire for Event Responses


With all of the changes in the media recently, there has been a lot of criticism towards the Biden Administration and especially towards President Biden. There are events that are provoking the criticism including the administration’s COVID-19 response, the United States response towards the Ukraine crisis, and the overall controversy of the election. There are two sides to the debate over the United States’ response towards the more current events. Even some of the people that voted for the Biden Administration to be in office are criticizing his choices, but let’s not forget what Biden and his administration are facing in their four-year term.

In President Biden’s term, a lot of events have arisen which have been very difficult to respond to in the way the American people prefer. The COVID-19 crisis has been very criticized. President Biden and Chief Medical Advisor to the United States President, Anthony Fauci, have been facing a lot of backlash for their country-wide response. The American people need to remember, before criticizing, that Fauci and President Biden are learning about the virus just as we are, and the precautions implemented and unimplemented are a trial and error process. Even the most intelligent of individuals are having a difficult time trying to figure out the virus, so patience in the process is a must.

Masks were a very controversial trial in the fight to slow down the COVID case counts. As Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines are changing, Americans are encouraged to follow the updating rules in hopes to decrease the virus count. Everyone can agree that COVID-19 is irritating and needs to be solved. Highly educated people are consistently researching and instructing the Biden Administration to support their findings in order to stop the virus. For everything to go back to normal it is recommended that people follow the recommendations and mandates in hopes to stop the spread of the virus.

Daily conflicts are heating up in Ukraine, and the American people are wondering what’s next.  Russia is moving quickly across Ukraine with deathly ‘warcrime’ attacks on the Ukrainian people. Warcrime attacks are surfacing by the day, and the United States’ responses are seen by the American people as weak or insensitive. United States citizens feel like they’re in the dark and have no idea what our involvement in the attacks is. The Biden Administration is under a lot of pressure to join Ukraine, and others insist it isn’t any of our business. The response thus far has been underwhelming. The administration will soon have to make a choice to further assist Ukraine with more than aid packages, or not assist at all. Due to the war in Ukraine being so public, a lot of people have formulated opinions that would make any decision Biden makes invalid to some people. Citizens need to remember, regardless of the decision, not everyone will agree on the United States approach.

The Biden Administration has been under a lot of heat for the decisions, or lack of decisions, being made in very trying times. Regardless of the decisions made, people need to realize that President Biden’s term is a lot more difficult than most previous presidential terms. In times of desperation and despair, citizens shouldn’t criticize but instead look at the facts. The facts are there is no right answer, and any response will be the wrong response to half of the ‘group’. It’s our job to put politics aside and conclude that there is no right answer to situations where the whole country, or the whole world, is divided.