What 5 Years Of Friendship Have Taught Me


When you first meet someone you usually never would think they would become someone you see as family. When my best friend and I first started talking it was on the last day of 6th grade. We both truly thought the other would leave and it wouldn’t last as long as it has. After two months of dealing with each other, we realized that this friendship would last.

It has almost been 6 years since I’ve been friends with this girl, and each moment I haven’t regretted it at all. These 5 plus years of friendship have taught me a lot about how people change. Whether it is for the best or the worse. Watching her through these years, she’s changed and it has always been for the best. She isn’t the same girl I approached and started to talk to all those years ago back in 6th grade. She has been the only person who knows me better than my own parents. She has gone through hell with me and stayed by my side when others left.  It has taken us years to fully open up to each other about everything in our past.

You know you can fully trust someone when they show you their vulnerable side knowing you won’t judge. Everyone has scars and a past we can’t change. The key is being able to accept and try to help them in their time of need. She has done this and continues to do it. She knows my secrets and my past and the reason I’m the way I am. Even now I’m still learning new things about her, and the same goes for her. Every time we see each other it’s like we haven’t seen each other in years. True friendship will always last no matter the distance.

Of course, you can go days without talking, but once you start again it’s like you never stopped. We’ve gone days and/weeks without talking. We just shared memes, and once we started talking again it was like we understood what happened. She has always found a way to make me smile, or even laugh when I was feeling down, and I always try to make her laugh. We’ve never fought over anything in these years of friendship. The most we’ve done is have a disagreement over something small and moved on. The hardest part is when she has to leaves for a few months each year to go down to her father’s place.

There are always inside jokes and things only the two of us will understand. Even now there are well over 20 inside jokes we share, and no one will ever be able to understand without questioning us. There is nothing about our friendship that I would ever change. Why change something that’s perfect in its own way? Friendships change and grow, and it will always be up to those people to keep it together, even if it gets hard. Nothing in this world is easy, but having someone you trust beside you makes it a lot better.