Spartan Night at the Beach!

The image shows students on bleachers cheering and waving pom-poms in their purple Golden Goat shirts.

The Golden Goat basketball games are swiftly approaching and the stakes are higher than ever. Fans are hoping that Sentinel finally wins the spirit award. The famous event is a girls’ and boys’ match up against Hellgate Knights. The Goat, dubbed Gertie, is awarded to the school that has the most positive spirit. Like previous years, the spirit aspect of the games is overseen by one of Sentinel’s math teachers, Lisa Anderson. The high-profile event is on February 11th at the Adam’s Center in the Dahlberg Arena. The theme of this year’s event is “Spartans at the Beach.” So gear up in purple and gold beach-y attire because the better the theme is executed, the more points each school is awarded. 

It is extremely important that Sentinel finally takes home the spirit award this year. Big Sky High School is feeling left out of the Goat festivities, so the team that wins the award will play Big Sky next year. To ensure Sentinel wins, it is very important that Sentinel maintains positive chants and executes the theme. Sentinel is also putting on a halftime show catering to the theme to earn maximum points. Mrs. Anderson is spearheading this challenge by hosting weekly meetings during the advisory period to ensure enough points to beat Hellgate. Sentinel students and staff are learning new dances, skills, and cheer stunting for the Goat performances. The halftime show this year will be extraordinary and unlike previous Golden Goat performances. 

The Sentinel Dance Team and the Sentinel Cheer teams are utilizing every moment to prepare for the Golden Goat. The practice load has doubled and various skills and dances are being taught to Spartan students and staff. The teams only collaborate two times a year, Homecoming and The Golden Goat, but they are incredible performances. The Sentinel Pep Band will also be making an appearance in the halftime show and game for a surprise that will remain under wraps until the Goat, but it will definitely be worth the while. The more groups involved, the more points received, so the performances will be full of unexpected Spartan guests.

Sentinel has yet to win Gertie, but this will be the year. The winner of the basketball games does not determine who will win the goat, but sportsmanship does. The spirit race for the award is very intense, but this year, it is extremely intense due to the high stakes. Big Sky is going to play the winner of the award next basketball season, so it is immensely important that Sentinel takes home the Golden Goat Spirit Award. Hellgate’s theme is “At The Olympics.” The inside scoop is that the Knights are going to have a stern competition this year with all of the coordinated dance moves and skills in the performances. Please come out and show your Spartan spirit and bring home Gertie!