Anti-Vaxxers And My Problem With Them

Anti-Vaxxers And My Problem With Them

Based on the title alone you should be able to guess what type of article this is going to be. I decided to start off this publication year in my comfortable zone, if you will. That obviously being me sharing my opinion on things that I find mildly irritating to things that make me feel genuinely filled with rage. There’s nothing that makes me more motivated to write than the prospect of making fellow members of society angry. This piece, I’ve decided, sits pleasantly near the side of “Making me feel genuine rage and frustration.” So, everyone, let me tell you all about my problems with the members of the anti-vaxxers club. 

(Before you read further, if you are a member of said group that I’m complaining about please note that I mean everything I say. And if that makes you angry then feel free to click off. Thank you.)

I’m very tempted to start of this massive list by simply asking: “How hard is it to not be stupid?” And even though I just started off that way, I’m not going to elaborate. The reason I said it should be very self-explanatory. 

Anyways. As we all know, the COVID pandemic is up and at em’ once again. I’ll admit, I had hope when all the vaccines were rolling out to the states and things were looking positive. How stupid of me. My mistake. And because the current disagreement on either side of the vaccination argument is on the COVID-19 vaccine, I’ll be focusing more on that side of things. I must say that most of my dealings with anti-vaxxers have been on that topic as well. I can’t help myself from depressingly laughing while muttering things as I drive by multiple vaccination protests along Reserve. 

To get this thing going,  the first reason as to why I have a bone to pick with these anti-vaxxers is the simple fact that they are endangering everyone else by deciding to disagree with science. I like to believe that some aspects of very basic human nature would allow us to be empathetic and compassionate to other members of our society. It seems like some of us have fallen behind on that. I quite frankly can’t contain my frustration that anti-vaxxers and their protests around the nation are one of the reasons as to why this pandemic has been going on for 2 years. Just why? Why? They can also be partially blamed for letting the COVID virus mutate. Allowing for the many different variants to have their own time to shine on news broadcasts. Thanks for that. 

The next valid complaint I’m going to be making is going to be phrased as a question. 

How are anti-vaxxers the ones protesting the vaccine and are yet the people who complain about how long the pandemic is and mask mandates the most? It makes no sense. I’m completely baffled, and just trying to sort through that logically is hurting my brain. You know that the pandemic has been going on for a few years because people like you are continuing to make stupid decisions? They have absolutely no right to complain about mask mandates and social distancing. Absolutely none. Masks are put in place to protect people. The vaccine and vaccine mandates are put in place to protect people. How can some supposed members of a functional society be that selfish? For the sake of everyone, please get over yourself. 

Sadly, I can’t go on about being a functional member of society forever. You have to understand that I have other complaints that need to be addressed. So I’m going to wrap this up with one more reason. The complete disregard for science and research is unbearable. The fact that a lot of said anti-vaxxers were preaching that the vaccine would make you magnetic makes me very upset. And even if it did, you would still say no? Who in their right mind would turn down becoming Magneto from X-Men? I hate that I live amongst people who just choose not to believe in health or in science, and in the same breath turn down that opportunity of having their own movie franchise. I hate it a lot, actually. You can’t discredit all the work that went into the wonderful health professionals doing their best to keep everyone safe and alive. Shame on you. 

Anyways, American Horror Story. (Bear with me, I promise it’s related) Have you heard of it? Good. And if you don’t…well you should check it out. In either Episode 4 or 5 of the Hotel season guess what shows up? An anti-vaxxer mother caught in the wild. As a focus point in the said episodes, a child ends up spreading around a deadly virus that could’ve been prevented. He then gets turned into a monster and the episode progresses from there. He actually ends up brutally killing a lot of people. So let me tell you, if you show up in American Horror Story and cause, well, horror then you know you diddly-darn f-ed up. 

Well, what a satisfying end to my complaints. Don’t get me wrong, I could list reasons as to why I get angry every time an anti-vaxxer gets within my presence. (Don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of “Vaccine mandates violate bodily autonomy) But I think talking about American Horror Story is somewhat of a fitting way to end. But before I say anything else, there needs to be a disclaimer. An anti-vaxxer is completely different from someone who can’t get vaccinated. There are genuine and valid reasons as to why some people can’t get the COVID vaccination. That’s why we need to protect each other as best as we can. Those of us who get vaccinated, social distance, and wear masks are protecting ourselves and most importantly protecting members of the community that can’t do it themselves. The only way we can get out of this is if we all work together. So, as a last little message: Stop being difficult, you’re embarrassing us. Thank you.