Wild Party is an Indie Pop band that originates from San Antonio, Texas and was formed in 2009 by best friends Lincoln Kreifiels and Lucas Hughes Valuing quality over quantity, this band has only released two official albums along with a few singles. While their newest album (Get Up – 2023) has yet to receive many official ratings, their most popular album, 2014’s Phantom Pop, is always between 4-5 stars on store pages and is loved by fans alike. 2014’s Phantom Pop was Wild Party’s first dip into the music industry and it went off with a hit, introducing many indie fans to their sounds and expanding the influence of this genre to farther reaches of the music industry.

With a runtime of 41 minutes, Phantom Pop is one of the only albums that can safely claim the title of 100% upbeat, as all of its songs not only contain very positive messages, but very upbeat sounding rhythms as well. There is never a dull moment in this album, constantly throwing upbringing tunes and jumping amounts of sounds in many of the songs; every track is different than the last, but similar in a sense.

Outright” is not only the most popular song on the album, but Wild Party’s most popular song in general. This song tells a story about getting out of a bad relationship and how healing it was for both sides involved. It shows that sometimes not being together can be beneficial for each half of a relationship. This song features Wild Party’s typical upbeat tone and positive vibe, making it pretty catchy.

My favorite song from this album is “Violet“, the most upbeat sounding song of the album. This song is about flourishing in a relationship, helping each other get through life, making it all the easier in the process. This song is one of the only songs I’ve ever heard that keeps its fire for the duration, never stopping to take a break or slow down. This song also jumps right at the listener – as soon as you hit that play button this song gets going: no need for a build up. It’s hard not to feel some good vibes listening to this song with its fast, confrontational tone.

To wrap things up with a ribbon, Wild Party’s debut album Phantom Pop (2014) is definitely an album you should give a listen if you’re looking for something to help keep your head up. This album shows that you don’t always need have a ton of special quirks in a song to make it good, sometimes all it takes is an upbeat tune and a positive tune.

Hey all! Thanks for checking out my newest album review! This album has helped me through some seriously tough times and I’m glad to share it with all of you! Hope this album hits you the same way it hit me. Anyway, be expecting more stuff like this soon! Keep your heads up, Spartans!