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I didn’t think you’d make it out this way we’re just-

Empty mansions on a road in shores

Falling down so slowly, no one notices at all

(From Empty Mansions by Local Natives)


There’s a heavy load upon our backs

Of things we carry from the past, my guilt-filled mind, it tried to run

But you traced us back to where we begun

(From I Found A Way by First Aid Kit)

Pictures don’t lie

When you’re front page news

Dagger to the heart coming down on you

(From Stab you in the Heart by Green Day)

Don’t let the daylight escape

Unscathed by the love you make

Get up get going

Forward only motion

See it pass full circle

Turning Static purple

(From Get Up by Wild Party)

My body’s stupid, stereo putrid

Spilling out music into raw sewage

I’m reaching my threshold

Staring at the truth till I’m blind

(From Threshold by Sex Bob-Omb)

Hey all! Thanks for reading this far! I’ll never be able to say how much me and the staff alike appreciate your time and interest in reading our pieces! I really enjoyed making this piece as I love analyzing music I like an sharing it through a more visual art form. I also cannot recommend any of these songs enough, they’re some of my favorites and, in my opinion, are worth a listen! Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading!

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