Who You Gonna Call?


Aubrey Cruson

Caricature of Ghost busters logo

Ghostbusters is an extremely popular movie, but how does the 2009 video game perform? Well, let’s start with the good parts of the game.

Bustin’ Ghosts

It’s Ghostbusters, so obviously the best parts is going to be catching ghosts (which involves you catching them in the proton stream and then damaging them). To damage a ghost you can use one of the forms of the proton pack to hurt the ghost – there are different forms to the proton pack, which is impressively entertaining. The forms are as follows:

such as artifacts
literal water fountains
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Proton Pack: Catch them and don’t cross the streams. Also, launch concentrated blasts to deal extra damage. You can also slam ghosts into objects to stun them.

Stasis Pack: Slow ghosts, and blast in a spread to destroy animated objects.

Slime Pack: Oh, how the turn tables. Also: tether enemies and ghosts.

Catching ghosts is your primary objective as you move through the various sceneries of New York City, (some having been featured in the films, some brand new) The levels are designed very well for the player to flow through with ease, and just the right amount of things to find such as artifacts and literal water fountains award achievements and trophies.

The levels also have some puzzles that branch between areas. This really amps up once you can use slime, which makes the puzzles significantly more unique than they could’ve been otherwise.

The game also has the original cast reprising their roles, which elevates the experience the much higher.

Slimed Me

This game is from 2009…so it’s bound to have some jank. You can get stunlocked (permanently unable to move till you die) by certain enemies. In the later parts of the games there are ghosts that possess people and your teammates. These ghosts are annoying just because there is a process to trap; first you need to slime the possessed person, then catch the possessor ghost. The process is annoying because often than not, once you free them you’ll get attacked by other ghosts, letting the possessor take control of another person. The possessor also regains its health when it possesses a person, so this can just keep happening over and over. 

There are also enemies known as inanimate objects. The inanimate objects are tedious to deal with since they just launch at you to knock you over, and since there are so many of them, though the stasis pack does make these enemies much easier to deal with.

The game is very enjoyable, as would be expected of a Ghostbusters game, especially as all of the original members allowed their likeness and voice to be used. The game performed very well, and the game looks very good, especially considering its releases date. As for the rating I’m going to give Ghostbusters the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man out of Slimer.