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So is the player the spirit or the holy ghost
Courtesy of PlayWay S.A.
Cover image of the prologe of I am Jesus Christ

I Am Jesus Christ is an upcoming single player game following the life of Jesus Christ. This open world game is highly awaited. The Steam page for the game says”Go back in time over 2,000 years and follow the same path as Jesus Christ, from his Baptism to resurrection.”(PlayWay S.A.) To clarify: this is not the full release of the game and is more similar to a demo, meaning everything and anything currently present in the game is subject to change.

The Jesus Experience

The voice acting of the game is well done. At least the ones they’ve implemented already. The best voice acting by far is Satan. Who has a boss fight.

 The loading screen widgets also have a lot of information about the various areas you visit. From facts from the Bible to actual information on the areas(such as what Nazareth meant).The game’s cutscenes are also well designed and look good. The game having a chapter select feature is nice to let you replay specific parts whenever you want. Sadly they were unimaginative and just numbered them one through six.

Oh boy let’s hope it’s good

As for the gameplay… it’s  rough in its current iteration. It is so poorly optimized that it does not run well at all.. There’s a frame rate selector, but it doesn’t actually cap your frames. And while the graphics do change the appearance of the game, it doesn’t affect the speed of the game. No matter what you do it seems like it’s going to stutter and run poorly. Admittedly, this might not be the case if you have an absolute monster of a gaming rig, but it’s a non-open world demo. This isn’t an issue of poor specs, it’s an issue of the games optimization.

As of now, there are also no subtitles in the game… which is odd. That is normally one of the simplest accessibility features to add to the game since a script has already been written anyway.

Maybe the combat will be better

The combat in the game is less than ideal. It involves having to pull Satan closer and then reflect their attacks back toward them. This is already janky and time consuming, but the worst part is yet to come. Both of these abilities consume an energy meter, aptly named faith. The only way to recharge it is by holding the R key and just waiting. Oh boy, you better hope that Satan doesn’t run away from you, or even worse shoot at you with his weird energy bolt(especially since it’s not even shown in the trailer for the game).

This game needs a miracle

The other miracles aren’t much more creative- it’s just left click. Cure lepers, left click. Make water into wine, left click. It’s literally just left click…this is just not a good design scheme. Crystals of dark energy created by Satan. Left click.

 Overall, one of the biggest issues with the game is the fact that it’s been over a year since they released the demo and trailer, but there is no release date for the game as of the publishing of this article. The alleged release date has been pushed multiple times, and their Steam page now just says to be announced. Even digging around online doesn’t give any more details as to why. Let’s just hope that it hasn’t been abandoned… The game is a massive meme, and I’m all for publicizing your game this way, but you need to actually make the game for it to work. I Am Jesus Christ is certainly a game, and it needs a lot of work. Until proven otherwise with a full release, I’m giving the demo a case of Lepers for a rating.

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