The Moon keeping our night sky bright as we live our lives below

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Our moon is a beautiful thing, watching over us as we get some well-deserved rest or burn the midnight oil. It glows in the night brighter than any star, keeping our little rock aglow as the night dims the sky. Here before us and to be here long after us, the moon holds its mellow gaze upon us along the way.

Me watching the clouds move along our pretty grey sky

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Life can be a lot sometimes – it’s only natural to feel this way. Taking a step back every once in a while to keep everything in perspective is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The struggles of daily life feel like going against the current in a river that’s constantly fluctuating; if you don’t take some time to yourself, you could fall or get lost in the current.

A conversation over phone

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop

I know it’s an overused theory…but I still believe that time away from phones can really do us some good. Sometimes just leaving your phone to charge for a couple hours is the best thing possible. Just imagine it: a few hours without emails, grade updates, etc. You can look at other people’s lives later – just for a little while, look into yours more closely. Personally, I have experienced some unexpected side effects from being off my phone (like socialization, family bonding, and seeing pretty things in nature).

Naomi Parker keeping the Scoop’s moral high

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Who doesn’t love inspiring messages? Sometimes, the smallest things can get people to keep on keepin’ on. Caring about others is (in my opinion) one of the best things you can ever do. People who go out of their way to keep others spirits high, even if there’s no personal benefit, are my favorite kind of people. From personal experience, bringing someone a needed smile or turning their day around is the best feeling ever. Joy is a quickly diminishing thing in our modern day world, and people who keep it in style make the Earth go round.

Lego figures enjoying time together

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Spending time with others is something I wish I did more myself. Next time your friend asks you to hang out, go for it! Life’s too short to turn them down. For the most part it’s hard to say how long people may stay friends, but that makes it even more important to spend time with them while they’re still around. Never in my life have I ever regretted spending time with others; everything’s better with friends.

My necklace hanging from my lamp

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Everyone should have something that represents them, something special that’s only theirs. I like to think of my necklace as an extension of myself, something that makes me who I am. Whether it be a piece of clothing, jewelry, or even a prized possession, everyone has something that can represent them one way or another.

One of my many nerdy collectibles that proudly stands on my desk

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Buying things for yourself can be very beneficial for mental health. Not saying you should go on a spending spree every time you’re feeling down, but a little treat every once in a while isn’t too bad. If you’re ever feeling down, just do as Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle do and “Treat yo’ self!”.

I’ll admit, holding it together sometimes is hard skill to hone, but a necessary one. Sometimes all we can do is keep going in life no matter what. Life varies in difficulty for everyone, but together, I believe we can push through it and come out on top.

My personal advice, from me to you, dear reader, is to keep going. Keep in touch with your friends and family, value connections, find happiness for yourself (and others who cannot). Be the person people look up to and be the best you. Spread joy and cherish love – we all believe in you.