A dive into the littering problem at Sentinel High School


A mask left behind after the lift of the mask mandate at Sentinel High School

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop

This mask is of many you can find around Sentinel’s campus. After the mask mandate was lifted and even before it, masks were thrown away all over campus. Thanks to the wonderful janitorial staff around campus, a majority of these masks have been cleaned up and properly disposed of, but many can still be seen around campus.

Clutter of trash left from students after lunch on roof

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop

It doesn’t take much searching to find trash left from students after lunch. Lunch is the most common time for students to litter on the campus, as they have the most disposable material. While the inside of the school is usually pretty safe from littering of this degree, the outside of the campus is not so lucky.

Mountain Dew can left by student on floor of second story

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop

Cans are among one of the most commonly littered items on campus. Whether it be from a store, brought from home, or even our own Sparta Mart, canned drinks are frequently littered. Cans are also one of the most damaging things to litter as they can attract insects such as ants.

Pamphlets left behind by un-interested students

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop

Much of the student body throws away pamphlets and other advertisements they are not interested in, on the ground most of all. Pamphlets aren’t that big of a problem besides the obvious clutter and paper waste, and only a few are not picked up.

While there are no pictures of them in this essay, plastic bags are the most prevalent litter you can find around campus. Plastic bags are most dangerous to animals and local wildlife, which is very prevalent on our campus with deer, squirrels, birds etc. If we do not make more of an effort to stop littering we will not only dirty the student campus, but could potentially harm local wildlife as well. Thank you all for reading and work with us to keep this campus clean!