Spring Play: “Fools”


Sentinel’s theater is once again preparing for a show. This Spring’s show is Fools, by Neil Simon. The play takes place in Kulyenchikov, a small village in Ukraine during the late 1800’s that has been cursed with ignorance. Leon Tolchinsky, played by Senior Barrett Clement, is a school master who has been tasked with teaching the village and lifting the curse. He is not the first to try, and no one has lasted more than a day before giving up. Leon is asked by Doctor Zubritsky, Sophomore Sam Barton, to track his daughter, Sophia Zubritsky, who is played by Cosette Burrese. The longer Leon stays, the less hope he has. It is quickly revealed that Sophia has “just recently learned to sit down” at the age of nineteen and yet, in order to save the entire village, she must be educated, and quickly. Conflict arises when Leon meets Sophia and falls instantly in love with her, but the village count, Yusgavich, is also very interested in Sophia and proposes twice a day, every day. 

The play is filled with both subtle, and very obvious comedy and the roller coaster ride that is Sophia and Leon’s relationship. Will Leon break the curse and save Kulyenchikov, or will he give up just like everyone else before him? Throughout the play the answer can seem obvious only to have a sudden twist. The actors bring the characters to life, each individual has so much personality, and self. Watching the play is truly an immersive experience that puts the audience into Kulyenchikov. 

Sentinel’s theater department put hours upon hours into this play, daily and it shows. The passion the cast has, along with the detailed set and the clear sounds and beautiful lights clearly demonstrate the love that the cast and crew have for the show. The play opens Thursday 4/14 and runs until Saturday 4/23. The play is about 90 minutes and it is worth every second. Tickets are $8.00 and they are sold at the door and go up at 7:00 pm. Curtain is 30 minutes later at 7:30. Go support Sentinel’s theater and watch this amazing play. Bring friends and family so that they can enjoy the show as well.

Please remember to practice theater edicate while watching the show, and turn your phones off, don’t bring food or beverages, other than a closeable water bottle, into the theater. Please know that audience reactions are appreciated! 

After the show, cast and crew will have a meet and greet, so if you enjoy the show please tell everyone that!