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Curb badly injured by psychotic woman driver
Jadis Veal
The tragic story of a curb getting hit.

BREAKING NEWS- Young curb ran over by a woman driver who made an “oops” on her way to go shopping. The curb is currently in the hospital seeking medical treatment. 

The twenty-year-old driver, Anna Harris, is currently facing charges for reckless driving which she denies to have done. She claims the curb is in the wrong for positioning itself right front of her brand new car’s tire. 

Harris was more concerned about the damages to her car rather than the curb she hit. Her dad got her a fresh-off-the-lot 2021 Jeep Wrangler, while her mother paid for all the decals, for her sixteenth birthday. She got the outside wrapped in sparkly pink, got pink dice to dangle from the rearview mirror, and got a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover. She fully “pimped” out the car by covering it in pink glam (as all her friends claimed). Overall everything cost her parents roughly $100,000. 

Women Near Stay Clear.


However, while the damages were stress inducing, her parents were more worried about the possible injuries Harris faced. They believe nothing is worth more than their “precious baby’s life”. 

Those involved and those who witnessed the incident were interviewed:

  • Anna Harris (driver)- “I was doing karaoke to ‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry. You can’t really blame me for not paying attention.” 

  • Curb (curb)- “I looked both ways before crossing the street just like I was told to do.”

  • Mr. Curb (Curb’s father)- “It was terrifying. I had to watch my child get hit right in front me. It should’ve been me!”

  • Martin Hendrix (crossing guard)- “I’m glad I wasn’t paying attention. I could’ve gotten hit! That poor curb though… Sending prayers.”


Harris (still trying to defend her driving) now states that it was not her fault because she couldn’t see over the steering wheel. She says that it could never be her fault, because she’s “literally just a girl”. Her parents are taking full responsibility for all the charges pressed against her. 

Harris’ insurance, unhappy with the situation, is forcing Harris to pay out of pocket for all damages. Although Harris’ parents are already paying $400 a month (just for her car), their insurance company doesn’t feel like covering the accident this time. All the damages and the medical fees will cost the Harris’s close to $500,000. 

The curb’s parents, while still concerned, were ecstatic to hear that everything will be completely paid for. They faced a similar situation previously this year that drained them for all their worth. The curb’s sister was hit by another female driver who had been talking on the phone. 

The driver again lied about her driving skills trying to avoid the charges. The driver had “needed” to call her friend to get their Starbucks order, she “just couldn’t wait”. However, this situation was more dire due to the fact that the sister had passed away just hours after being hospitalized. 

Since the female driver was able to persuade the judge (by batting her eyes and puffing out her bottom lip), the curb’s family was forced to pay out-of-pocket. 

The family has since started up a foundation to protest against female drivers. Their main protest is against women being able to get their driver’s license (they view it as unconstitutional). They’ve gained a ton of popularity in just a couple of days.

Their foundation has earned almost double the amount of money they had to pay for their first accident. They’re hoping to raise enough to pay the bills for any others who may fall victim to female drivers. 

The Harris’ have been putting out their own statements regarding the foundation. Many of the statements are claiming that it’s the curb’s fault for a variety of reasons (such as their parents should have been watching their kid). As of right now, they’re still refusing to take accountability for the actions of their daughter. The “bravery” of Anna Harris is being rewarded by her parents with the newest car. 

The curb is making a steady recovery since the accident and is said to be released the following week, if all goes smoothly. Even though the curb is bouncing back, it’s parents vow to never forget nor forgive. They’re foundation is an example of this promise. They’re trying their best to shine light onto these “innocent looking drivers who deserve to be punished”. 

The curb’s family wanted to incorporate their number one piece of advice: “Women Near Stay Clear”. They hope this advice will save others from facing the same fate as they have. 

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