Isaac Newton Predicted the world’s end in 2060, that is only 37 years from now.



Drawing of Isaac Newton on a Wrecking Ball

Isaac Newton was a philosopher, best known for establishing the laws of gravity,with some wild experiments. He did things like sticking needles in his eyes to see what would happen with his eyesight, and miraculously after all the times he did it, he never lost his vision. 

He also practiced alchemy and people believed he was pretty crazy because of his alchemical recipes. Like his philosopher’s stone, which supposedly turned metals into gold. He had things written down like, “fiery dragon, doves of Diana” or “eagles of mercury.” At the time alchemy was considered dangerous and forbidden. Newton believed that metals could vegetate and that every matter in the world and beyond was alive. That gravity is the cause of motion but what puts those things in motion? He believed that there was one god that put all things in life in motion. He then dug deeper into God’s prophecies.  

As he got deeper into alchemy he did many studies of biblical text and ended up coming to the conclusion that in 2060 the world would end, or “reset.” He came to this conclusion because, supposedly, when the “kingdom of God” prevails on Earth there would be an apocalyptic frame, information on what type of apocalypse is unknown. He said that “it may end later, but (he) sees no reason for it ending sooner.” He spent years studying religious texts to try to build an arrangement of events. He believed that all the future events to come were already arranged by God himself. 

preparing for
the “end”
or “reset” of
the world,..

He pulled time periods from the Bible and for Newton he said that 2060 would be a “new beginning” or new era, possibly accompanied by a war and great disaster. He mainly looked at the Book of Daniel. Newton’s notes, where he made 7 points about the ending, are hard to digest, but the “end of the world” in his definition is that when Jesus is to come back he will bring peace to the world and supposedly burn all of those who “corrupted Christianity for their own personal gain.” Based on Newton’s math and beliefs the world will “end” 1260 years after the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire, which was founded in the year 800, the reason behind why he came up with the Roman Empire is unknown, but people believe that the answer can be found in the Book of Daniel.

Obviously, Newton used a lot of math and religion to conclude the world’s end. Allegedly, he used religion in quite a bit of his work. It had been talked about that many critics from the 17th century said his science was ahead too ahead of its time as they said it felt like reading a prediction about a world that was merely a fantasy, for they were unable to understand it. A lot of scientists also disagreed with him because they didn’t believe religion could connect to the world and technology. Many people say it’s like a cycle, where people who follow religions used to not believe in science or technology. So, he got very criticized for his science and beliefs in many ways. 

All of the information is found through his notes and other projects, and because there are only 7 points made, not a lot is out. However, thankfully to the scientists who were able to break them down, we are able to turn it into a more modern understanding, allowing the information to be shared across multiple platforms. A lot of people are on the fence if what he’s saying is true, and many people are saying that they are preparing for the “end” or “reset” of the world, while some people already did that because of their religion beliefs, some people have claimed to have started after this information was found and released, only time will tell if Isaac Newton was right. 

While there is Newton’s definition of the end of the world, today’s scientists are coming up with many more ways, like “solar storms.” Essentially a solar storm is an eruption of something in space, like stars. Scientists are saying that they’re concerned about the sun’s eruption, however they are saying that they are unsure if it would hit Earth. They say that it would affect humans directly, and that because of the charged particles that would be released into Earth’s atmosphere, it would create an auroral effect. Those storms can also induce dangerous electrical currents, but they would only last a few minutes. 

They also are talking about “cosmic collisions.” As in a meteor or an asteroid colliding with Earth. Many people believe that because there was an asteroid that took out the dinosaurs, it could happen again and take out the human population. It would cause massive earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters, killing millions of people. However, asteroids big enough to do so have been recorded to only strike earth every couple of million years. It’s believed that NASA is trying to come up with ways to “protect” Earth from this type of thing happening. NASA, the European Space Agency, and other partners are exploring a joint mission called AIDA (Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment) to test to see if we can avoid getting hit by asteroids and “save” Earth. Will this work? We’ll find out. 

Another thing scientists are talking about are super volcanoes. Obviously, volcanoes are erupting quite a bit, but super volcanoes erupt about every 100,000 years. When these volcanoes erupt any one in over a 100 mile radius could die. Now the ash could go even farther, creating a dangerous space almost everywhere. For example, if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted all of North America would be covered in ash. If the ash were to be inhaled too much, people would suffocate. 

Practically everyday someone is talking about the end of the world, how exactly will it end? Only time can answer that.