A Bunny enjoying the epilogue of our fleeting winter season

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Nature is by far my favorite thing to photograph – it always seems to show itself to our unworthy eyes in the most beautiful ways (especially in Montana). Animals in nature are a rare treat to photograph, and getting the chance to get a nice bunny to stay still for a close up is an opportunity like no other.

The view I’m lucky enough to wake up to every morning

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Not to brag, but I’ve got a pretty sweet view outside my window. It’s almost impossible to start my day off bad with a sunset like this. Eating at the table watching the sunrise in the morning is one of my life’s simple pleasures. The combination of the sun rising and the snow falling creates a beautiful morning atmosphere.

Snow falling on my balcony railing

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Snow is nothing but beautiful in my eyes. Particles of fluffy ice falling from the sky and turning the world into a wonderland of its own. One of my favorite parts of Montana is its hefty amount of snowfall in the winter and early spring. There’s no feeling quite like waking up and seeing the snow fall gently outside, or feeling snow rain upon you as you sit in a warm hot spring.

A crow landing on a mound of snow

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Birds are some of my favorite animals, and that includes crows. While crows may get a bad rep because of their tendency to litter and such, I find beauty in them. Something about their sleek black feathers and signature caw stands out to me like no other bird does. Getting this close to one, especially while its landing is, to say the least, a rare encounter.

My computer pushing its limits to run my editing software

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Another thing I like to photograph other than nature is technology and its patterns and intricacies. If not for modern technology, other forms of art would be crude in nature. Technology like this computer’s internals present a sense of organized systems that I simply love. Without technology, we wouldn’t have been able to take or edit this photo that you see now.

Me touching the closest thing I can get to real lightning

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

While I’m on the topic of technology, I wanted to show my love for electricity. I love electricity and its somewhat chaotic nature and shape – especially inside globes like this. Seeing unbound electricity in its raw form jolting around freely is beautiful. Without electricity, the world would be a shell of what it is now. Thank you electricity and your beautiful arcs.

The fire burning brightly to provide me warmth

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Fire is yet another overlooked natural element of the earth. While fire is often feared, it can also be beautiful. This fire kept my family warm on a cool camping trip and provided us with a beautiful visual as the embers popped to life out of the flame. Next time you feel cold in our chilly winters, rest by a fire and enjoy its beauty.

My mothers old diner after hours

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

While this photo might not pull the same heartstrings to you as it does to me, the neon lighting and pretty setting make for a nice picture. My Mom’s diner was always a treat to go to, they had the best ice cream in Galt, California. Every time I see this picture, I get reminded of the good times.

Graffiti of a time only the past can savor

Tony Hemenway Spartan Scoop 2023

Leaving behind marks has always been something I greatly support and recommend doing yourself. Leaving something behind in places you find significant can only reassure you, but can also make you feel content. Unless it destroys property or is hurtful to others, leaving a little something behind in the places you’ve been can make the places feel more human…and more traversed. Knowing that a little piece of me resides on the side of a bridge by my house makes me feel all the better about leaving my mark for after I’m gone.

Hi readers! I just want to give a thanks to all of you for reading my essays and sticking with me as I show you all some of my favorite pictures and my growing photography skills. Some things in life are secretly beautiful, and all it takes is the right eye and the world around becomes more beautiful than ever before. Once you take the time to admire the smaller parts of life you can begin to see how lucky we truly are to live on such a beautiful planet. So remember everyone, don’t take life for granted.