Rory’s Senior Will

I Rory Krebs, of unsound mind, and whimsical fashion bestow the following items:

To my underclassmen friends: my dignity, and hope to pass each year, whether it be with all D’s or all A’s.

To the incoming freshman: the ability to grow into something great, and achieve greatness 

To the would-be friends of mine: my best wishes, and hope whoever you choose to be with, it’s the best choice you could pick.

To the closeted: the safety and comfort to be you

To the out: my pride, may you shine bright.

To the lonely kids: my hope that you find peace, and friends who are good to you.

To the depressed: my advice, so that you may stay strong. Even with the thought, you may not be worth it.

To the therapist friends: my ears, so I may listen to you as you listen to others

To the abused: my story, so you can know there is hope in that pain. 

To the alternative kids: my confidence, may you walk through your time here with it.

To the front office ladies: I leave you the best treats and all the kindness I can offer.

To the creative: I give you my skills. May it take you far.

To the eavesdroppers: I give you a book, to keep everything you hear to yourself.

To the teachers who are honest: I give you my appreciation, you showed me the humanity and love I needed.

To the nerds: I leave you the best games. May you find your teammates and lifelong friends

To the All-nighters: I leave you my admiration. Even though you studied all night, you still will flunk that test.

To the Foster care kids: I give you my luck. May you find a family, As I have.

To the art kids: I give you my pens. May you use them in your notes and sketchbooks.

To the math kids: I give you my confusion..cause-how-

To the Loud laughers: I give you my joy. You make this world more fun.

To the shy kids: I give you my patience. You are the best friends I have ever made.

To the always in trouble kids: I give you my wit. Use it well.

To the 500 building: I give you my tears, for all the quiet corners you gave me to calm.

To the teachers who give me slack: I give you my thanks, for the relief you gave me due to my out of school issues

To the Teacher who let me nap: I give you my attention, for the days I was awake.

To the kids who dont judge: I give you my trust, for giving me yours when I needed it most.

To the prepared: I give you my cleverness. May you use it for any and every situation needed.

To the administration: I give you my best wishes, you could use them.

Finally, to the kids that need it most: I give you my love and hope that you can have the best future possible.