Delaney’s Senior Will

I, Delaney Crum being of silenced voice yet loud facial expression, do hereby bequeath the following items:

To Samie, I leave the numerous TJ Maxx and Target trips where we convince each other to buy items of which we don’t need, ‘breaking’ into the school because you forgot your phone in the cheer cage, the countless times I’ve seen you in the halls and merely nodded like you weren’t my best friend, being my rock when I’m blowing everything out of proportion, my appreciation for always being free on my birthday, ditching the cheer team to go to Mexico last minute, and most importantly, being a very consistent figure in my life despite my controversial acts.

To Evan, I leave every major plan that we set up and watch it majorly flop, adding ‘ussy’ to the end of words for no reason, hitting my car without insurance, saying “omw” at weird hours of the day (when you were in fact not on your way), the time you watched my Starbucks drink fall in my car and LAUGH, camping in my backyard, watching you almost fall down a mountain after basket tossing a snowman, saying “that man is looking at you” to which I reply “It’s fine I like attention”, and most importantly, making losing a long time friend simple because I already have my best friend.

To Keili, I leave the every time you so graciously asked me to bring you home, planning a ‘surprise party’ and not being able to pop the confetti in time, pointing out children that “look like they bite”, getting me a birthday present on Etsy that still hasn’t arrived, saying “once a Spartan always a Spartan” when seeing purple, referring to everything as “underground, watching my shopping hauls that no one asked for, decorating doors at state basketball, and most importantly, wishing you the best of luck for getting the captain position in the upcoming cheer season.

To Hanna, I leave nothing but gratitude, helping me with my classwork for many years, being one of the few friends that friendship lasted through high school, having intelligent conversations with me, and most importantly, of all reading more of my features on the Spartan Scoop than my parents have ever.

To Katelyn, I leave every picture you’ve taken of anyone and anything on my phone, lunch outings where I would kidnap you for the time, jumping ocean waves with me when my room group was taking Instagram photos, posting disgusting pictures of me that made me want to block you, and most importantly, becoming a closer friend with me and being someone to spill my truth to at challenging times.

To Coach Emilee, I leave for you all the positive memories of cheering under your leadership, stepping up for a coaching position midway through the year and making the best of the situation, asking me back for next season to assist, and most importantly, being someone I could open up to that would listen and promise change.

To Ms. Bathje, I leave changing my outlook on English my sophomore year with interesting literature and assignments, inviting me my junior year to be a part of the Spartan Scoop, sharing your Bath and Body Works product and sale information, and most importantly, making me a stronger writer throughout the two years by being ‘real’ and not giving ‘busy work’.

To Ms. Connor, I leave boosting my writing confidence by asking for permission to keep my “exemplar” papers for examples, taking the time to get to know your students, “asking for forgiveness, not permission” with your teaching approach, listening to the students, and most importantly, contributing towards my writing success with essential content and a diverse teaching method.

To Mr. Joseph (who definitely won’t see this), I leave you the satisfaction of knowing how influential your teaching methods were on me and most importantly setting the standard of social studies teaching so high that my U.S. Government teacher couldn’t compare on his best day.