The Importance of Communication


In an increasingly technologically advanced world, it is important that we remember the basics of communication. Certain etiquettes have been lost in the test of time. The importance of being able to communicate with a diverse group of people according to a relation is very essential. But who am I to clock anyone on the ability to communicate, right?

I am an old fashioned person when it comes to thanking someone for an action or contribution. I get a present? The person who gave it to me should expect a thank you card in the mail in one or two business days. I’d be lying if I said I always loved writing cards of appreciation, but with my parents persistently urging me to write a little card, it became a second nature and something I look forward to doing. Other people my age are forgetting how essential it is to send a card of appreciation to someone, and it is becoming less and less of a priority. Lost in the test of time through iMessage or Email, a card is becoming obsolete.

With graduation on the horizon, the etiquette of sending cards of appreciation is more important than the gift. Card writing doesn’t take that long. The people receiving the card just want to know that the presence and or gift is appreciated and seen. Here is a card writing industry secret: if it is too much work to personalize cards to a large quantity of people, make a script. Write the same spiel over and over. No one will know, and it is more likely the people will appreciate the card giver in the future. Card writing etiquette is simple. Card writing is just one example of communication lost within the barriers of technology.

Chivalry is dead. Our generation is losing the ability to communicate effectively with body language. Some women, in particular, have standards so low the standards are in hell, but that is because of the stigma around good deeds to show affection. People are afraid to effectively communicate after a fine evening with a significant other, for example, a couple will debrief in early stages of the relationship like there was a rubric to the outing. The behavior that people are displaying in their romantic relationships is becoming technology based and losing all aspects of chivalry. We must look to the past for aspects of effective communication.

After being in COVID-19 lockdown for what felt like a century in 2020, our generation’s ability to communicate has greatly suffered. To be blunt, I hate talking, but it is a skill I am slowly and consciously improving on by exposing myself to uncomfortable situations of conversation. I could easily go all school day without talking to anyone, but that wouldn’t be progressive and would put me back into a situation of antisocial tendencies that made me a traditionally ‘shy’ person. An anonymous teacher was once in a similar situation as me and many others, but now this person is one of the most social and liked teachers. This teacher put themselves in an uncomfortable situation of teaching and the person grew from the experience. I encourage everyone to take this story as a message to challenge and move from a comfort structure of living that offers no value. A person’s success doesn’t always lay within their comfort zone.

Communication is dissipating with the increasingly technological terms of society. We are enamored by texting despite the various other methods of communicating. Sometimes it’s okay to reflect and take from history. Our generation is slowly losing what previous generations saw as a ‘staple’ in everyday living, communication. We are losing the ability of simple card etiquette, verbal communication, chivalry, small talk, etc. The solution is simple. To make our generation a sought after example of excellence, we should collectively challenge ourselves and communicate effectively.