Sydnee Stires

Sydnee is an incredibly well spoken woman. It was obvious during my interview with her that she grew into the confidence that she has now. When I was talking with Sydnee she told me about her time through high school and what she has learned to become so poised and refined.

Sydnee began high school, as we all do, a kid. Fresh clay for a new sculpture. Sydnee told me she started high school being friends with “the quote-unquote popular kids”. She had been friends with them since middle school. However, high school is a time full of a lot of changes. Inevitably people and relationships morphed from what they had remembered from middle school. Her and her childhood friends were beginning to find themselves and they just didn’t fit together anymore. Eventually, it was time for Sydnee to break off. She told me she finally made the decision because there were too many petty circumstances and rumors circulating not only the group but the school.

She said, “At the time, me losing my friends that I had for years really affected me poorly and made me feel like I wasn’t good enough.” She added, “my self-esteem was at an all time low caring from eighth grade into freshman year.” While she said she had found other friends, they came and went and she was isolated more often than not. But, often being alone is helpful to finding yourself. Sydnee said, “I was able to take time alone which really did progress my self-esteem and my self-confidence and my love for myself … Through high school I’ve learned to take a step back and not feel so pressured to be a part of everything.” Sydnee had learned to take life a little slower. To be more aware of how people treat other people, how others treat her, and how she treats others. But, she told me it didn’t come easily. She said, “Taking a step back at first was really hard because I still felt discluded.” But from what I was able to observe it was absolutely worth it.

Sydnee had told me some of things she’s learned from taking space from society and I couldn’t have agreed with what she said more. “Taking that step back and watching from the outside and realizing just how fake everyone really is towards each other and towards their own selves … nobody is truful with themselves to know and accept what they have done or are doing that might be negatively impacting their or someone else’s life.”

Sydnee is an elegant soul filled with confidence, positivity, and wisdom. It was a pleasure to talk to her; To hear what she had to say about the world. Sydnee, I know you said you’re unsure about your plan for the future, but I have full faith that you’ll find something that suits you well. A purpose in life that you know feels right.