Procrastination Tips


Procrastination is something I seem to specialize in and if you’re like me in that aspect, you know it’s a pain. So with that being said here is a list of tips to help that pesky procrastination.

  1. Make a list

When you have multiple tasks to complete, make a list.  Seeing your tasks laid out in an organized way can help make things less overwhelming.  Most times having more than three tasks circling in our mind creates anxiety, which feeds the urge to procrastinate. Make a list, find a place to start, and roll with it.

2. Go somewhere new to work

I have found that going to new places, like coffee shops or quiet parks, has helped me immensely when it comes to how productive I am. Going somewhere new will allow you to assign the place as a ‘workplace’ in your mind. Your mind recognizes places and will switch into the appropriate ‘mode’ for that place. This is why many struggle to do homework at home vs at school. Home is a time to relax; school is the place you learn and do work. Hence why finding a new place to work is helpful.

3. making a work playlist

This piggybacks off of finding a new place to work. Creating a playlist of motivating songs that you use when you work is helpful. Soon enough, your brain will be trained to focus on the tasks at hand, when listening to the playlist. It’s another small, yet helpful thing.

5. Involving a friend

Body doubling is a thing! Sometimes, all you need to focus and work is for someone else to do the same thing with you. Having a friend help keep things on track, while they work is huge. It can lower the anxiety of overwhelming tasks, make you feel like you’re not alone, and help both parties be productive. 

6. Take technology out of the picture

If you’re like me, you have made the mistake of turning the tv on while working. Let me tell you what, if your mind tells you to do that, don’t–IT’S A TRAP.  Silencing your phone, and putting it out of sight is proven to help you stay on task. Turning the tv off and being in a calm environment is also proven to help you stay on task. The fewer distractions you have, the fewer things will break your flow of productivity. It’s as simple as that. 

7. Set deadlines and schedules

Setting a specific time chunk to do your work can be helpful to keep your motivation. You can also assign a specific number of tasks for that day. Giving yourself a chance to see the ending is helpful in keeping yourself motivated and not discouraged by the feeling of ‘never being done. 

8. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself for being productive, trains your brain to continue being productive. It can be as simple as taking a nap, getting food or a treat, getting on a video game, etc. Procrastination is easy to do, and hard to fight. Reward yourself for fighting the instant gratification from procrastination. You deserve it!

These are all things I use to combat my special talent of procrastinating. In fact, I have used every single one of these tips while writing this piece. I’m at a cafe, I have a list next to me with deadlines, a friend that’s working on their writing, a phone that’s out of sight, and the reward of going home with nothing else on my to-do list.