Grace Hurteau

Grace is a senior this year at Sentinel, but she wasn’t always a spartan. Grace moved to Missoula at the beginning of her sophomore year, and she is going to share what it was like moving to a new school and a new town. She is also going to share what it was like to be a multi-sport athlete. Grace moved to Missoula from Wisconsin and complimented Sentinel and its environment about how welcoming it was. She says the transition to a new town and a new school was tough sometimes, but the environment of Missoula and Sentinel made the transition much easier. Looking back at the time, she says she is really proud of how smooth the transition was, and that she felt that Sentinel was very happy to have her. Grace says that she moved in on a Monday and soccer tryouts were on Friday, so she instantly had a great group of people to reach out to as well as her coaches (who are also teachers). She says that she accredits the welcoming aspect of Montana to the soccer team. Grace says that before moving she was a much more introverted person and that moving has caused her to break out of her shell a little more and is now more extroverted than ever. Grace also plays tennis and is a multi-sport athlete at Sentinel. The team is always supportive, and she enjoys being part of that group of people. Grace’s favorite teachers are Mr. Moser, because of his amazing teaching style and she owes her love of math and engineering; she also says Ms. Nelson is the reason she wants to be an engineer because of her love for her physics class. Grace is an amazing student and will be going to MSU next year.