Clara Commons

Clara Commons is a sweet, quiet girl. At least on the outside. After interviewing Clara, it became obvious how charismatic and bubbly this girl actually is. She has been through an interesting four years of high school, but powers through it with tenacity and a strong attitude. When asked about her favorite teacher here at Sentinel she replied almost instantly, “I adore Miss. Britt. If Miss. Britt has 500 fans I’m one of them. If Miss. Britt has 5 fans, I”m one of them. If Miss. Britt has one fan, it’s me. Miss Britts biggest fan. I love her to death…I love her classroom. It’s such a smart layout. It has the diverse seating…she understands life is hard, just get it in whenever you can.” That wasn’t the only teacher she commented on, she also spoke about two others “…I love Miss. Denison, she is such a supportive teacher..she is just so sweet…Mr. Cummings…he went out of his way to test me face to face instead of on paper because I would fail his test on paper..he would like read me the questions and I would answer them and get 100 % each time. He understood these girls got some testing anxiety up in here!”. When asked about advice for incoming freshmen and future seniors, she replied “Over quarantine, I read a really good book, and there was the quote that stood by me all throughout high school, and that’s “Other people’s opinions of you, are none of your business.” Dress however you want, be friends with however you want. At the end of the day, no one cares. Everyone is focusing on themselves too much to worry about you.”. I hope Clara has a good future and continues to stand confident, and powerful as she is now.