Ukrainian Grandma Digs A Grave For Russian Soldier



This piece is purely satirical, and is not intended to contain any accurate information.

A video of 67-year-old Ukrainian woman Daniela Melnyk has been circulating on social media and has received mixed feedback. 

The video shows Melnyk berating a Russian soldier, pointing to an open grave and, in Ukrainian, saying “I have dug this grave, now lay in it. Lay down here so that when you die, we don’t have to bury you ourselves.”

Twitter user Kara Copeland tweeted on Thursday asking if “This is too extreme” and “Why she gotta be so mean?” and received heavy praise.

Another tweet, however, that received many accolades was from Rae Hail saying “YOOOO THIS LADY’S CRAZY! SHE DUG A WHOLE GRAVE? THAT’S SO COOL!”

Furthermore, we were lucky enough to be able to interview Melnyk herself. She asked only that we not use her direct words as her English isn’t perfect. She told us that she spent hours the night before digging a grave in where she had learned Russian soldiers would be the following day. Not only that, but she also had a gravestone made reading “Here Lies an Idiot” in Ukrainian. The following morning she stopped on her way to work and began the confrontation, filming on her mobile phone not only to post the video but also to try to increase her safety. We asked what she thought about the amount of popularity the video is getting and she said that she thinks that it’s cool, however, time could be better spent helping the cause in Ukraine, rather than scrolling on Twitter.

Ukrainian citizens have shown strong patriotism despite the odds. It is very encouraging to see that people are brave enough to stand for what they believe. Please consider spending time to help the cause for the safety of Ukraine and fight against imperialism.

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Photo by Micael Widell from Pexels