Elle Magazine Has Questionable Taste


Established in 1945, Elle is one of many women’s fashion and lifestyle magazines. Filled with questionable taste, you can find them literally anywhere. 

Recently, reporter Diandra Malivindi published an article on their website titled, “14 Fashion Trends You Should Retire (And Adopt) In 2022,” And let me tell you, almost every single thing mentioned in this piece is wrong. To prove my point, I took the three worst “in’s” and “out’s” of 2022 and gave my thoughts on them. 

Starting with the most dastardly opinion: “Dopamine Dressing” is “in” and neutral colors are “out.” Dopamine dressing is “a theory that wearing certain colors can elevate your mood.” At first, I didn’t have a problem with this. What’s wrong with someone dressing in certain colors to make them feel better? Then Malivindi decided to give a list of the said colors. They’re atrocious. Fuschias, citrus oranges, and electric blues. If you or anyone you know are a fan of wearing these obnoxious colors, fine. Wear what you want. But just know that I personally think that they’re an eyesore. Neutrals are convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that they look good on everyone. So needless to say that I heavily disagree with “Dopamine Dressing.” 

The second entry is just as bad. Y2K fashion is “in” and loose-fitting denim is “out.” This is simply wrong. Y2K fashion had its time, and I don’t think anyone is waiting for its comeback. Baby t-shirts and low-rise jeans, in my professional opinion, aren’t pleasing. Sure, there are some people who look great wearing this Y2K ensemble, but everyone looks phenomenal in a good pair of loose Dad jeans. 

The third listing isn’t the worst, but I still have my thoughts. “Periwinkle Pairings” is “in” and luxe sportswear is “out.” For those who don’t know, Pantone (a color matching system used around the world) selected “Very Peri” as 2022’s Color of the Year.  This unique shade of sorta purple isn’t the worst color they could’ve chosen, and I’m not mad that it’s supposedly “in style.” I am, however, upset that luxe sportswear has been labeled “out of style.” Sometimes choosing the comfy and easy option is the best choice. Those who wear sportswear out of the house always pull it off. 

With these three entries being the worst, you can imagine that the rest of the listing wasn’t that great either. The statement, “…almost everything single thing in this mentioned in this piece is wrong,” may have been an exaggeration, but the lack of taste from a magazine that labels itself as a fashion and lifestyle informant is astonishing. The crimes against the fashion-loving community that were committed in this article are too heart-wrenching to talk about. 

However, everyone has their own unique sense of style and individuality. It’s truly amazing to see how people decided to express themselves. People can wear and look good in whatever they wish. My opinion on people’s wardrobes doesn’t matter in the slightest. 

With that said, from today to the end of time, I will still declare that Elle is the last “fashion” magazine you should take inspiration from. Try something else. Anything else.