“Sweet Dreams” Pt. 2

A curled hand peaking out from under gray bed sheets in a beam of sunlight shaped in a rectangular pattern. The surrounding bed sheets are dark.

Elly Tripp

My second dream was the least scary of all my dreams that week. I was in an old classroom that had a single wall of glass panes from the floor to the ceiling. The room was full with about 20 students and one teacher, when suddenly, the lights went off. Something that mimicked a human, crawled across the floor. Everyone got on top of their desks and stood in complete silence. There was no sound in the darkness except for the mass moving across the room, in search of a victim. I could hear it across the classroom, far from myself. With my sense of vision gone, my other senses were heightened. I was tense, yet at ease hearing its motion on the other end of the room. The movement stopped for less than a second. Suddenly, I felt an uncanny presence slowly move close to my right ear. I don’t know how, but I knew it was centimeters from my face, smiling. The fear brought tears into my eyes as I screamed, only to find that my voice wouldn’t come out. The dream suddenly changed. I blinked and it was no longer dark, but rather dim with fogged windows. Despite the change in environment, we were still being played with. The right side of my face was stinging horribly, and everyone was staring at me in silence. I turned to the fogged window to look at my reflection. There were forien symbols burnt into the whole right side of my face, including my neck. Before I could react, something started to bang on the door, redirecting everyone’s attention. We all froze. Standing dead still on the desks staring at the door when the banging stopped. I was slightly behind the teacher, hoping they would provide protection, or at least the feeling of protection. We all watched the door. I saw the slightest bit of motion out of the corner of my eye. Shivers shot down my spin. I slowly turned my head to the window and there it was. The creature was outside the window. It had cleared 2 circles for his eyes to peer inside, and a portion for his mouth to be seen. It was looking at me, staring into my soul, with an unnaturally large smile. That thing knew it was in control. It knew I was scared. It knew I was hurt. And it knew I would be dead whenever it wanted me to be. That’s when the overwhelming fear woke me up.

 I knew after the first nightmare and then this one, that I needed to start rough sketching what I saw because words weren’t doing it justice.