Lolo Creek Steakhouse Spreads the Holiday Spirit


A lot of people normally struggle with the holiday season around the corner and COVID-19 is another catalyst of the struggle.  Money is tight with all of the holiday gifts to be purchased.  There is also a factor of not having the time to decorate, buy, or gather for the holidays.  Small businesses are putting forth their best foot forward to make sure that everyone struggling with the holidays can properly experience the winter season experience. 

 A well-known local business in the Missoula area is the Lolo Creek Steakhouse in Lolo.  The steakhouse is better known for its various animal taxidermy donated by local hunters and trappers, but the fine dining experience isn’t all that the business is giving this year.  Their mission is to give holiday trees to people would can’t afford the time to collect the tree or the price of the tree itself.  Not having enough money to decorate the home for the holidays is an unspoken situation that Lolo Creek Steakhouse is trying to combat again this season. Within a week, 100 trees were gone, so act quickly before they’re all gone for the season.

The restaurant told KPAX News, Lolo Creek Steakhouse has been giving away holiday trees since 2017.  As of now, the steakhouse has over 200 trees that they are giving away.  Asking for a tree is a sensitive subject that isn’t easy to ask for.  The small business saw this fear and made it even easier for people struggling this season by making them free to grab and go as people, please.  General Manager of Lolo Creek Steakhouse, Courtney Romocki, added, “[ We want] people to feel comfortable coming in grabbing a tree if they need one”.  The holiday cheer is being spread throughout the Lolo and Missoula valley thanks to small businesses like Lolo Creek Steakhouse.

The holiday struggle is a hushed subject that isn’t widely spoken about.  A 2019 holiday survey conducted by LendingTree’s, conducted an online poll and found that 61% of families dread the holidays due to extra spending and financial burdens to follow.  Giving back, if able, is a great feeling that can feel rewarding for not just the community, but also yourself.  Giving is an unmatchable feeling.  Lolo Creek Steakhouse has a mission to give back to the town that gave them a plentiful amount of business one step at a time.  If someone is struggling this holiday season or if you, yourself, are struggling, quickly head towards the steakhouse in Lolo at 6600 Highway 12 West, Lolo, MT, 59847.