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Star NFL players finding and looking for new teams around the league
Russell Wilson will (most likely) start for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024
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Russell Wilson will (most likely) start for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2024

The season of NFL free agency has almost begun. Contracts are expiring, and players are being cut. Some big names have been moved around in the 2024 NFL free agency, in which they will be able to look for new teams. A player enters free agency either when their contract expires or their team lets them go. On March 13th, these players will be allowed to enter negotiations with other teams, looking for whichever team would fit them the best (typically the team that pays them the most).

The most notable free agent so far is Russell Wilson, the former Seahwaks and Broncos quarterback. The Broncos announced that they will cut Wilson on the 13th of March, but he’s allowed to negotiate with other teams before then. Right now, the NFL is experiencing a veteran quarterback shortage. Teams have been struggling to find the franchise quarterback for their team which is vital to their success. The key to winning starts is a star quarterback, and many teams have been struggling without one. Some of these teams include the Steelers, Raiders, Falcons, Commanders, Vikings, and the Patriots. Of all of these teams, only the Steelers have a winning record, and this can be accredited to their defense.

The vitality of having a quarterback will make Russell Wilson valuable to teams that need one. Wilson will be able to demand potentially more than a $100 million contract because of the résumé that he has put together with the Seahawks. Wilson has been to nine Pro Bowls and has a Super Bowl win under his belt. He had tremendous success in Seattle, and was one of the biggest names in football for years; now he’s looking for redemption.

Some team names have been discussed as possible landing spots for Wilson, with the Steelers and Raiders being the most commonly discussed. The Steelers have almost everything a team could want except for a quarterback. Their defense, led by T.J. Watt, is nothing short of stellar, however, their offense had underwhelming output due to their lack of a star quarterback. 

UPDATE 3/11: Russell Wilson has agreed to sign with the Steelers as of March 11th, and he will likely become a member of the Pittsburgh organization on March 13th.

Wilson and the Steelers came to an agreement very quickly

. He met with the franchise on Friday the 8th and announced he plans to play for them on the 10th, leaving the sports world in shock.

Another coveted star quarterback that will be hitting the market on the 13th is Kirk Cousins. Cousins has also built a reputation as a top-tier quarterback, having played in four Pro Bowls. Although he is an experienced quarterback, he is thought to be getting old to continue playing for the NFL. The concerns about his age may be why the Vikings decided against re-signing him. The Vikings have the number 11 overall pick in the 2024 draft, and they will most likely draft a quarterback with it. 

UPDATE 3/12: Kirk Cousins ended up leaving the Vikings for the Falcons on a 4-year deal worth $180 million. 

A few of the previously mentioned teams are opting for the route of acquiring a quarterback through the draft. There is a QB-heavy draft class in 2024, and most all performed exceptionally at the NFL combine. If the Vikings or other teams choose to draft a rookie quarterback, there are plenty of options. 

The Bears may take one of these options over their quarterback Justin Fields. With Cousins gone, the Vikings will need someone to step up to the QB role on their team. It has been rumored that the Bears will move on from Fields, and draft Caleb Williams first overall. Caleb Williams is a USC quarterback predicted to go 1st overall by almost every sports analyst. Since the Bears have the number 1 pick in the 2024 draft, they aren’t going to want to waste it. Caleb Williams is one of the best QB prospects in college football, all-time. It would make sense for the Bears to trade Justin Fields away (whom they spent a first-round draft pick on in 2021), and opt for Caleb Williams.

This could cause some issues, though. The Bears team is very loyal to Justin Fields, and they have built their locker room around him. According to Yahoo Sports, “Moving on from Fields could scar the Bears”. It could be difficult for the Bears to rebuild the locker room dynamic, and for Williams to earn the same level of respect that the Bears players have for Fields. 

UPDATE 3/12: 

Baker Mayfield will also be entering free agency, leaving the Buccaneers without a quarterback. Bake Mayfield’s consistency was questionable at best in his years on the Browns, but he has been able to prove himself with the Buccaneers. He took over the team and turned it into a playoff-winning team (even if it was just the wild card round). Baker helped the Buccaneers win their division and had solid statistics on the Buccaneers. He certainly created more value for himself going into the 2024 season. Some of the previously mentioned teams may be interested in him, as he showed himself as a hard-working, team-inspiring quarterback willing to do the nitty gritty for his team.

UPDATE 3/11: Baker Mayfield has agreed to a 3-year 100 million dollar contract, and he is sticking with the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers didn’t wait to re-sign him; they know what he brings to the team. The quarterback certainly got a good deal. He took advantage of the limited QB supply and cashed in while he could. The Buccaneers have faith in him though based on last season. The Buccaneers are known for relying on their stellar defense to win games, but now they want to make Baker the face of the franchise.

Chiefs’ star Chris Jones will also be a free agent come the date in the middle of March. Jones still has youth in him, even though he may be past his prime. He has been the heart and soul of the Chiefs’ defense for the last few years and has put up impressive statistics. The 29-year-old is a game-wrecker that any team would love to have on their roster. He is the most important defensive player in the 2024 NFL free agency so far. 

Many key players will be shifted around this offseason, especially at the QB position. The NFL offseason has already been packed with roster moves, and the excitement won’t slow down anytime soon.

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