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A retelling of my struggle with procrastination
Me staring into the distance, wondering: “how did I get here?”

7:00 AM.

The house growls with life.

The stoves are heating, and the shower heads are pouring.

This is the family’s pre-game. Everyone is expected to be sufficient.

But everyone makes mistakes.


7:20 AM

Did someone text me? 

I guess not.

I should probably check Insta.

Dang, no one uploaded.

Wait, what day is it? Did I sleep in?

As Diego saw the clock, his skin jumped.

No way, that can’t be, I only stayed up till 10.

I can’t be late, I won’t make my dad drive me.

He already has it rough with the night shift.


7:30 AM

Cereal, or the eggs.

The eggs would be good, but the cereal would be so much sweeter.

The eggs will help me, but every once in a while, I’ve got to treat myself.


7:40 AM

MMM, this cereal isn’t too bad.

I probably should’ve eaten eggs, but this is okay, I’m only missing out on a little protein.

Next time I’ll have eggs

Now, what should I watch? Markiplyer, Fred Beyer, or

Wait, I don’t have that long.

But it’s probably okay I mean, I can control my urges.


7:50 AM

Oh, Heavens, is today even worth it: I mean, I can probably do all the work here.

but I’ve already missed so many days, hopefully I can still graduate.


8:55 AM

Wow, I made it.

I thought for sure, I was gonna stay home.

But now that I’m here, what should I do?

I could turn in my homework, but surely there’ll be time.

I’ll just move on with the day.


12: 00 AM

Great heavens, I can’t keep listening.

It’s incredible he can still talk.

 The first 15 minutes weren’t enough for instruction?

No Diego, no, even if he continues talking, you can’t fall asleep. 

Even though naps are nice, It’s work time.


1: 00 PM

“Yeah, you’re right that is interesting!”

Wait, did I forget something?

Crap, I forgot to turn in the English homework.

How am I gonna turn it in?

I can probably turn it in later, or maybe I can just skip it.

It’ll only be like 10 points.


4:30 PM

Crap, I didn’t turn in the English work!

Apart from that I also got a bunch of work to do.

Math, journalism, science, and engineering; they all need my attention.

Apart from school I also got responsibilities!

How am I gonna walk the dogs, how will I get time to fold laundry! 

Who knows, but, It’ll probably work out. 


5:20 PM

Come on, come on, come on, I will get work done, I will get work done.

I have to work today, it can’t be like yesterday.

I won’t be behind on work again.

I will get stuff done!


5:30 PM

But, everyone needs a break.


10:55 PM

What! How is it 11!

I was only on my phone for like 20 minutes.

Crap, how am I going to finish my work?

Maybe I can wake up early, and then do HW.

Yeah, that sounds great, new day, new me.


7:25 AM

The house thumps with stress.

Everyone is working against the clock; rebuking tardiness.

 For the most part at least.

Holy crap, I’m even late-er than usual, and I didn’t get my work done.

Sorry, Dad, you’re probably gonna drive.

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