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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Jadis Veal
Woman walking down the runway

Ever since humanity decided that wearing clothes was the new standard, we have had a pile of fashion trends, good and bad, that have defined us. Some of them are incredible and have survived decades; some… well lets just say they aren’t exactly loved by everyone.


Growing up, (especially in Montana) you see a lot of cowboys and even more want-to-be cowboys.

This begs the question: are cowboy clothes still practical for modern day Americans whether it’s for function or aesthetics? To start practitioners have actually marked cowboy boots as the worst boot for your feet due to the narrow style and sharp point. Although they were good for easily slotting the foot into the stirrup, they were less convenient for everyday walking. 

Even if we ignore this impracticality the rest of their clothes are not much better. Cowboys traditionally would wear chaps in order to ride without scraping their legs, but now? Well, they just make for an obstruction to your pockets. 

Despite this, there are many people who wear “cowboy clothes” and seem perfectly happy with them as they are the most sensible clothing choice for their lifestyle. For example, someone who works with horses, on a farm, or laborious jobs is going to need strong clothes that won’t easily tear or look too visibly dirty. 

When it comes to rating this style, however, I am looking at it from the viewpoint of not a horse owner, but the average Joe in the grocery store who has an office job. In this situation, cowboy clothes are not only impractical but overwhelming to the wearer. Overall I give them 3 out of five stars for being average and only occasionally useful. 


In the past few years there has been a boom in croc development and fashion. They quickly went from fashion fail to being one of the top selling shoes with about 150 million pairs sold per year. 

Crocs are in themselves an entire fashion. They can be worn with sweatpants, tracksuits, PJ’s, and generally comfortable clothes. Transforming from a shoe into a lifestyle and dominating the fashion industry. 

Despite the appeal of an easy access shoe, recently crocs have gone rogue. There are croc boots, giant crocs, tall crocs, and anything else you can imagine. This is a terrifying development given that not only are crocs fragile, they are uncomfortable. Small plastic bumps are spread across the sole of the shoe which serve to upset your feet and will often chafe your ankles. 

I’ve seen this firsthand in my 14 year old brothers who, being in eighth grade, fell right into the middle school crocs phase. I am unsure if anyone who owns crocs genuinely enjoys wearing them or if they only purchase them because of the trend. Either way I believe that crocs are a scam as, not only are they very easily breakable, but they are highly overpriced due to consumer levels. 

Fashion is one of the strongest links to self expression and an important marker in our history.

In my eyes, even giving crocs two stars is a stretch but I will do so to prevent being murdered by a middle schooler and to give them props for using capitalism as a resource. 


Goth style has been around since the 80’s and it is a staple in our fashion history. It’s a music based subculture that has continued to grow and develop since its creation and is notorious for its dark, homogenous features and striking contrast to general styles.  

Like anything else, it has a lot of misconceptions. Through the past few decades the media has presented Goth style as evil through things like movies involving cults, bad guys, and negative influences. However, these misconceptions and stereotypes are incredibly incorrect. 

Though it is dark and mysterious, the Goth aesthetic is by no means evil. It is derived from Gothic literature, music, and architecture which was made to combine elements of romance, suspense, and horror. 

Another misconception is that Gothic clothing is the same as punk or rock, and while it is similarly derived it is very different in meaning and expression. 

In conclusion, Goth clothing is a highly misunderstood fashion that is, in reality, quite unique and meaningful. For going outside the norms it gets 5 out of 5 stars as not many people dare to leave the box of society’s “acceptable fashion.” 


Although Cottagecore arose in the last few years on the internet as a term for a certain aesthetic or lifestyle, it has actually been around for much longer. It’s based around the idea of living in the countryside and adopting a simple lifestyle. Fashion trends generally consist of floral pattern dresses, fluffy sleeves, and corset tops that glamorize life in the countryside. 

When done right, cottagecore is a cute style that gives a bubbly and amiable personality but can possibly be overdone. However, as can happen with any style, adding too many aspects to your outfit can quickly make it overwhelming.

Cottagecore fashion is practical, comfortable, and highly accessible being sold almost everywhere in some shape or form. The lifestyle however, has a few more issues to address. For many, adopting a cottagecore lifestyle could be attributed to lessening anxiety associated with adulthood. 

Despite the good intentions, it is more common to see the style represented by straight white women who over romanticize “simpler times’ ‘ when in fact our history is anything but simple. Critics say that the cottagecore lifestyle is promoting traditional gender roles and ideas such as classism, racism, and misogyny. 

While I understand the idea behind this, it seems that the intention behind this fashion trend has been twisted. Many women had a collective dream to escape the bonds of city life and live on their own in the countryside. Although it makes sense that men would see this as a “traditional women,” in reality these women are simply attempting to redefine themselves by living the life that they desire. 

I give it 5 out of 5 stars for giving people the chance to follow their dreams and live the life that they want even if it’s not the life that everyone else wanted for them. 

Fashion is one of the strongest links to self expression and an important marker in our history. The topic as a whole is interesting and thought provoking, and though I have no idea how people find their individual style, I find it interesting how different people have opposing or even indirectly similar ideas of the perfect outfit. I give Fashion trends 5 out of 5 stars for being unique, evolvable, and always staying relevant.

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