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About Mac Miller’s career.
Credit to DU Clarion
Photo of Mac Miller’s Tiny Desk Concert

At just fifteen years old, in his hometown: Pittsburg PA, Mac Miller started creating music. By the time he was eighteen, he signed with independent label: Rostrum Records. 

Miller’s love for music started way before he became an adult. 

At a young age, he was exposed to learning instruments like: piano, guitar, bass, and drums. He wanted to be a singer up until he was introduced to Hip Hop. 

In 2007, when Miller was fifteen, he got his first rap name: “Easy Mac”. He was releasing mixtapes, collaborating with other artists, and even performing at the Shadow Lounge and other venues in Pittsburgh; until 2010 when he released his first independent album: K.I.D.S. 

His early music was considered “frat rap”. Frat rap is defined ascarefree (and frequently thought-free) rap music celebrating the party lifestyle associated with USA college fraternities”. 

 Including K.I.D.S. Some favorites featured on that album were: “Nikes on My Feet”, “The Spins”, “and “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza”. 

Miller has a pretty big discography. On Spotify he has sixteen total albums. Two are deluxe albums of K.I.D.S and Circles. Another album is a commentary version of Blue Side Park. The most recent album is a ten year anniversary for Watching Movies with the Sound Off. 


Five out of the sixteen albums were released after Mac Miller’s passing. 

In 2018 Miller died from an overdose. He was very well loved in his community and by all of his fans. His legacy has remained very strong. On the Mac Miller Fund, attached to Miller’s official website, they talk about how selfless and creative he was, as well as how much he gave back.

The Mac Miller Fund was created for supporting “programming, resources and opportunities to youth from underserved communities”.

Miller was always trying to give back to his community.

Endless in the time, energy and effort that he gave to others — not just for their own sake, but for the sake of creating truly beautiful art for the world.

— The Mac Miller Fund


May Miller always rest easy.


His second album: Blue Side Park hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart. 

A couple popular songs off this albums are: “Party on Fifth Ave.” and “Of The Soul” 

This was released in 2011, just a year after K.I.D.S. Miller was pretty consistently releasing new pieces. 

In 2012 he released the album Macadelic. 

Macadelic has quite a few features throughout it. Some recognizable people are: Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Joey Bada$$. 

Miller’s fourth album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, came out in 2013 alongside an album compiled of live performances called Live From Space. 

The title of his fourth album comes from Miller watching films on mute while he was making music in the studio. 

Some popular songs are: “Aquarium” and “SDS”. 

Miller took a break and didn’t release anything during 2014, but towards the end of 2015 he released GO:OD AM.

GO:OD AM was in the Top 50 charts for a total of five weeks and its top position was number four. 

Popular songs off GO:OD AM are “Weekend” and “Jump”. 

Some users on Reddit argue that this is one of Mac Miller’s best albums. People argue that every album was his best, though.

Each album has a very different sound, but they all still have the touch of Miller, so it doesn’t feel like a different person. 

The creativity Miller has is shown in each album through they’re differences.. 

Miller had two releases in 2016. 

The first album, Best Day Ever, was a fifth anniversary remastered edition of a mixtape he created in 2011. The second album of the year was The Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine takes a neo soul jazz rap sound. With this album, Miller was signed with Warner Bros Records and REMember music. 

A few well known songs from this album are: “Congratulations” and “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty”. 

The Divine Feminine is about what Miller has learned from women throughout his life, some romantic, some not. This album has a lot of spiritual undertones throughout it. 

Then, in 2018, the notorious Swimming came out. Songs off this album are what a lot of people recognize from Miller. 

In 2019 it was nominated for Best Rap album during the Grammy Awards.

It’s titled Swimming because the album is about how life can feel like you are drowning. Miller writes about how he ] felt suffocated by life. Related back to the title, swimming, it shows that he keeps going through life despite the hardships he’s experienced. 

A few top songs from this album are: “Self Care”, “2009”, and “Small Worlds”. 

After Swimming, Miller’s album Circles was released in 2020. All music released after his death is released by Warner Records Inc. 

Circles was supposed to be released shortly after Swimming. Both albums are similar compared to other albums of Miller’s. 

The title Circles is a metaphor for how life comes in circles of “acceptance and closure in oneself”. 

Billboard ranks the top three songs as: “Circles”, “Good News”, and “I Can See”. 

Just the next year Warner Records Inc. released another album called: Faces. 

Mac Miller actually created this album shortly after Watching Movies with the Sound Off. Faces is about the darker sides of what Miller struggled with: drug addiction and mental illness. 

Genius states that “Diablo” is one of the most popular songs from the album. More recognizable songs are “Angel Dust” and “Thumbalina”. 

The second most recent album that Miller has released is I Love Life, Thank You from 2022. This album is owned by Rostrum Records, the first label he signed to.

It was originally a mixtape he created in 2011, they just released it to platforms, similarly to Best Day Ever. 

This album has a lot more of a positive meaning than the previous albums. Miller writes more about how he’s trying to stay set on himself and show gratitude for his sucess. 

The most recent album that Miller has released is: Watching Movies with the Sound Off 10 year anniversary.

People are just very happy to still be able to hear the new Mac Miller and appreciate everything he’s created. 

There have been rumors of another album that could be released, but nothing has been confirmed.

Just because Mac Miller isn’t with us anymore doesn’t mean that it’s too late to get into his music. Start with any album and it’ll just suck you in. 

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