Crazy Conspiracy Theories Mostly About Celebrities



Drawing of Lizard

First, let’s start with theories about Sentinel High School. Pretty much all of the theater department believe that Wayne Nance lives in our school’s basement. Wayne Nance is a 1974 serial killer who lived in Missoula. He killed at least 4 people over the years, and somehow, the drama department mentioned him living in our school’s basement. This was quickly spread through the department and has stuck around and still told since then. This conspiracy has been around for many, many years. How it started is unknown. 

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Someone we talked to said that he believes eminem was replaced with a robot because his voice and clothes changed, as if people don’t age and change? Eminem is not the only one that the man we talked to believed  was a robot, but the details weren’t really shared. 

Continuing on with celebrities, many people on the internet are talking about famous people being a part of the illuminati. They believed that people like Rihanna, and other famous singers and actors, “signed off their souls to the illuminati ” to become more famous. Rihanna in particular, people have been talking about, because of her recent performance at the super bowl. They say that because of her holding up a “triangle” with her hands at the end of her performance (even though she does that when she sings diamond). Who knows who started it, but it quickly spread, and many people believe that most famous people are in the illuminati. 

Wormholes. Wormholes are a common one. They are believed to help people travel through dimensions or time. One time in particular, a man, who’s name was never disclosed, was believed to travel dimensions. This man got off a plane and handed his ticket to the security guard, however, the place on his ticket did not exist. Because of this people thought he was crazy and had put him in a watched hotel room. They had officers outside of the doors and even on the balcony, at one point they heard a crash and went to see what it was. The man had vanished and was never seen again. People believe that when he was on the plane he somehow traveled to our dimension, and when he got to his hotel room, he managed to go back to where he came from. 

So we all know Elvis, XXXtentacion, and Tupac died right? Apparently not. When it comes to celebrities people refuse to believe that they are dead after they die. Things with Elvis have been coming out for years, like people seeing him or people saying that they are him. One time in particular a man in a hospital said that he is Elvis Presley. No one believed him and he was put in a mental institution. And with X people strongly believe that he faked his death. They believe that his death announcement was scripted so that he could get out of fame. 

Lizard people! We have seen a lot of people talking about how so many celebrities are a part of a reptilian community and they’re going to “take over.” People like Justin Beiber and Beyoncé have had a lot of stuff come out about them. Things like Justin tuning into a giant lizard on stage and Beyoncé blinking with her “double eyelids.” Or they just say that he simply just looks like a lizard, whatever that means.  

Who came up with any of these? Who knows, are they real? Probably not, but if they are, that would be one wild surprise.