Listen here: episode 2 – Sara Quinn

Harper (00:00):

Hey guys, it’s Harper.

Phoebe (00:02):

and Phoebe.

Harper (00:03):

with episode two of Spartans and Focus. Today we are joined with Sentinel Jr. Sarah Quinn.

Phoebe (00:09):

Hi Sara.

Sara (00:10):

Hello, <laugh>.

Harper (00:12):

So Sarah, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sara (00:15):

Um, I’m 16, almost 17. Um, I’m a junior this year, but I have been in the process of graduating early, so this is my last year here at Sentinel. Um, I’m a very outdoorsy person. I like rafting, kayaking, um, I work a lot and yeah, basically my life is work in school. So <laugh>,

Phoebe (00:39):

what’s your happiest memory?

Sara (00:42):

Um, I’d say my happiest memory is me and my dad went on a overnight rafting trip for four days down the Smith River. Um, it was super fun. There’s a raffle for Smith River tickets and so it was really rare that we got pulled and it was our first year actually entering. So it was super exciting. We got pulled, um, and we went with our family friends and yeah, it was just really fun and it was just four days of floating in the sun, so, yeah.

Harper (01:08):

That sounds awesome.

Sara (01:10):

<laugh>. Yeah, it was super fun.

Phoebe (01:12):

Cool. <laugh>, sorry, it’s always we’ll get in the groove.

Harper (01:17):

Yea. Couple questions.

Sara (01:18):

Gotta warm up. We gotta warm up.

Harper (01:19):

Yeah, I’m freezing. So

Phoebe (01:22):

<laugh>. Yeah, that thing doesn’t really work.

Harper (01:25):


Phoebe (01:25):

Should we turn that off?

Harper (01:26):

I don’t know. Can you hear it in the…

Phoebe (01:29):

Yeah. <laugh>. I just realized that that’s actually probably gonna be, I don’t know why I didn’t realize.

Sara (01:34):

Just needed some patience. <laugh>,

Harper (01:35):

We’re just gonna leave that in.

Phoebe (01:36):

Yeah, it’s fine. Okay. What’s your earliest memory?

Sara (01:42):

Ooh. Um, I was in, my earliest memory is, so I have four siblings. I have three older brothers and an older sister. Um, we’re all pretty distant in our ages. Um, so when I was like nine, my brother Tucker was 17. And so one time my parents were out at dinner and we did a lot of stuff when my parents were out, out at dinner, we liked to adventure. Um, and I remember one time they were gone and we found a old mattress in our laundry room and Tucker had the great idea to put it on our staircase and get laundry baskets. And of course, me being the nine year old, I was the Guinea pig. So being flown probably down a flight of stairs is my earliest memory. <laugh>.

Harper (02:33):


Phoebe (02:33):

Yeah. Did you like break anything or?

Sara (02:36):

No, actually it, like the Guinea pig test went great. So then we continued to do it for quite a while. We would just like slide down on blankets and stuff. Um, and then parents got home. We had to like run, put the mattress back in the laundry room and act like nothing happened. So <laugh>. Right.

Harper (02:52):

That actually sounds amazing. I would do that now.

Sara (02:56):

I know. I’m so convinced to just like, get my mattress off my bed and put it on those stairs,

Harper (03:01):

who’s gonna stop me? Like, let’s just do it.

Sara (03:04):

I think, yeah, I think it’d be a great experience, honestly for,

Phoebe (03:06):

I’ve never lived in a house with like those big stairs and I’ve always wanted to.

Sara (03:10):

Yeah. I mean, ours weren’t even that long. They were just like, they were literally like the length of the mattress, so it was almost perfect.

Phoebe (03:16):

Gotcha. Yeah. Nice. It’s like a little, it’s like a rafting trip. Oh my God. God,

Sara (03:22):


Sara (03:22):

It all comes full circle.

Harper (03:24):

Yeah, full circle for sure. <laugh>. <laugh>.

Phoebe (03:27):

Do you have a scariest memory?

Sara (03:30):

I have many scary memories actually. <laugh>? Um, I would say my scariest memory. Oh yeah, actually. Um, so I personally am someone who falls a lot.

Harper (03:46):


Sara (03:46):

And I’m not even just like saying that to say that.

Phoebe (03:48):

like in gym class,

Sara (03:50):

it’s, yeah, it’s actually ridiculous. I literally fall a lot and I went to a concert one time and it was at the Wilma here in Missoula. Um, so there’s like those Higgins bridge stairs, those really sharp metal stairs.

Harper (04:04):

I know. I hate those.

Sara (04:04):

that are so like, there’s, it’s super, super tall staircase, super not comfy at all. <laugh>. And I was wearing a pair, I was wearing a pair of boots and I was going down the stairs and on the very first step going down my boot got caught on the rim and I head first, like didn’t, like, didn’t like slide down the stairs, didn’t like tumble. I like dove.

Harper (04:24):


Sara (04:24):

down that staircase.

Sara (04:25):

Oh my God.

Harper (04:25):

And landed on like the center thing, <laugh>.

Phoebe (04:27):

Oh my gosh.

Sara (04:28):

And, um, yeah, which like, doesn’t seem like it’d be that scary, but I genuinely think I laid there for probably 45 seconds, actually, like trying to decide if I was dead or not. Like for real, like my body was trying to get me to cry and, but I think I was in so much shock that I literally felt like I was just like, I was just laying on the cold staircase. Like all these people were watching me thinking I had just like, real died. So <laugh>. It was a little scary <laugh>.

Phoebe (04:50):

That’s like one of my worst fears. I’m not kidding.

Sara (04:53):

Yeah, it’s like <laugh> those, it was, it was horrible.

Harper (04:55):

I will walk like the extra block and loop around to avoid going,

Sara (05:01):

oh, now I do. Trust me.

Harper (05:02):

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Phoebe (05:03):

And you’re like clinging to the railing, but it like, it’s, it’s always public ones and you’re like,

Sara (05:07):

yeah, every time I walk past them, my sister’s like, oh, Sarah don’t fall. And I’m like, don’t say that. <laugh>.

Phoebe (05:13):

What’s the best trip you’ve been on?

Sara (05:15):

Ooh, that’s a hard one. My family travels a lot, so we go on a lot of trips. Um, I’d say Mexico was probably my favorite trip by far cuz when we went to Mexico, this was only last year, spring break. Um, we didn’t go to a resort or anything. We went to this little town called Sayulita. Um, and it’s just like a tiny little fishing town. Um, so there’s not a lot of tourists or anything, which is kind of what we were going for. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, we really wanted to see the culture and stuff there. Um, and we went and it was just, it was super relaxing. We got a really pretty house, like right next to the beach, um, that was right in town so we could go shopping. Um, I think my favorite thing there was like, they had a center there and every single night we’d walk down and there were like eight different groups of dancers dancing and like a bunch of different, like singers and stuff. It was super fun. Um, but yeah, I think that was probably my favorite trip so far. I’m actually leaving tomorrow to go to London <laugh>.

Harper (06:12):


Phoebe (06:13):

We were talking about.

Harper (06:14):

That’s exciting.

Sara (06:14):

Maybe that’ll change, but for now, that’s my favorite one.

Phoebe (06:17):

Nice. Uh, tell us a story. Any story

Sara (06:21):

Mm. Okay. My, usually my stair falling story is my, my go-to <laugh>. I’ll think of another one… Actually, can I just like continue that story?

Harper (06:31):


Sara (06:31):

Because that ended with quite an ending. Um, after I fell on the stairs, I got up and I was like, wow, I’m actually like alive. I’m good. I like trotted down the second half of the stairs, like living, I was skipping around super. I think I was like in actual shock. It was great. Um, but turns out the EMT from the concert had seen me fall and told me that they needed to check me out. Right,

Harper (06:56):


Sara (06:56):

Because they were like, yeah, I feel like you probably got hurt in that and are just a little bit like not in your right head space. So they, she sat me down on this little picnic table, um, and she like felt my legs and stuff. She felt my head and I, she was like, wow, you’re good. Like, that’s crazy. And I was like, yeah, I’m a survivor, you know, and <laugh>, it was great. And um, so then I was like, oh my gosh. Like I just ruined the night. Oh my god. And I looked up and so a little backstory, the opening band, I was at a Milky Chance concert. Nice. And the opening band’s name was Giant Rooks and they’re also from Germany. And I had come really early to this concert to get in line so I could be first the Wilma, you know? Yeah. And I was sitting there, like, I came it, the concert started at seven and I left school right when it ended and drove to the Wilma and sat there in the cold and on the cement by myself. Like, you know, I was so committed. I’m so proud of myself for that. Um, but, and these people walked by me when I was waiting in line and I was still the only one. And they were all in like long trench coats and they were very attractive <laugh> <laugh>. And, but I could just tell they weren’t from Missoula, right?

Harper (08:07):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.

Sara (08:08):

And so I was like, oh my gosh. And I was like texting my friends, I was like, you know, like, these really cool looking guys just walked past me and they stopped and they were like, oh, like are you going to the show tonight? And I could tell they had an accent and I was like, yeah, like, are you guys? And they’re like, no. Like we couldn’t get tickets, sadly. And I was like, oh, that’s such a bummer. Like, but like have a good night. And they’re like, yeah, have fun at this show. Got into the show and that was Giant rooks, but they were the openers. And so.

Phoebe (08:34):

Oh my.

Sara (08:35):

I was like front row and I was like, excuse me, like <laugh>. Um, you could have told me that, but yeah.

Harper (08:40):

Uh, no we couldn’t get tickets.

Sara (08:41):

Yeah. No. Wow. It’s cuz we’re backstage and we’re actually about to perform <laugh>.

Harper (08:44):

Yeah. We couldn’t get tickets, but we’re on stage, so.

Sara (08:47):

Yeah. Well, and I hadn’t heard of them before. Yeah. So then like after that night, cuz they were incredible. I, they’re like one of my favorite bands. I listen to them all the time now and, um, and.

Harper (08:57):

you can say you met them so.

Sara (08:58):

Exactly. And flash forward after I fell down this flight stairs and got checked out by EMTs, I was like, bad. I go to my car in that little parking lot there by Caras.

Harper (09:08):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, right? Yeah.

Sara (09:09):

And down in that road is always where the Buse is load and they were getting into the bus, right. And so I was like, okay, this is my opportunity Yes. To like I am. I just survived this <laugh> horrible experience. Like it was for a reason, you know? And so I went up and I was like, hi. I was with some of my friends and I was like, Hey, like you’re the band, right <laugh>? And they’re like, yeah. And I was like, wow, that’s so cool <laugh>. And I don’t know, we just talked and um, the least singer’s name is Fred and I love him so much. He’s like my favorite person on the planet earth. Like I, he’s my idol. And he was like, have, have you been ger? And I was like, no. And he was like, what a bummer. <laugh>. And then, I don’t know, we were just talking about like, like I asked them if they had explored Missoula and they were like, no. And then they asked, they were like, maybe when we come back next you can show us and all this stuff. And I was like, okay,

Harper (10:04):

This is like the plot of some kind of book.

Phoebe (10:07):

It’s literally some YA novel

Sara (10:09):

Was like, and I lit promise you guys like, this is real. Like I have a picture of us meeting. I have and a and I have dms because later that night, whenever there’s an opening band, I always DM them, especially if they’re not as known as the main band singer. Yeah. And so I DMed them and I was just like, great show tonight. Like had so much fun and like good meeting you. And then me and Fred dmd for like two hours straight that night. Oh

Harper (10:33):

So , your are best friends.

Sara (10:36):

It was

Harper (10:37):

The lead singer of a band.

Sara (10:38):

And here’s the thing.

Phoebe (10:39):

It’s happening.

Sara (10:39):

Here’s the thing. Oh my god. I was like, I was like, maybe they’re like, you know, not super popular because when they were on the stage they looked nervous and they were like freaking out when we were cheering. But I later found out the reason they’re nervous was that was the first time they ever played live in America. Ever.

Harper (10:55):

Oh. Wow

Sara (10:55):

And in Germany, they’re like the number third popular band in Germany.

Phoebe (11:01):

Oh my God.

Sara (11:02):

Like I was looking at, I found their TikTok and it’s like, you know what festivals when it’s just like a field of people.

Harper (11:06):


Sara (11:07):

It’s like that. And I was like, oh my god, I’m famous

Harper (11:09):

<laugh>. No, this literally feels like, like secondhand celebrity. Yeah.

Sara (11:13):

You’re, I was

Harper (11:14):

Like famous by,

Sara (11:15):

I was like, no way. It was, it was really crazy. But it was just, it’s just kind of a fun story to tell cuz obviously I don’t like really stay in contact with him. I’m just like, I

Harper (11:24):

Don’t buy it. You guys are actually still talking. Usually your best friends.

Sara (11:28):

But I mean he’s 25

Harper (11:29):

So <laugh>. Okay. Maybe not. Maybe there’s.

Phoebe (11:32):

Nobody cares about age gaps anyway…

Harper (11:35):

Little bit illegal,

Sara (11:37):

But I was like, I mean yeah, it’s just like a fun story to tell, right?

Phoebe (11:41):

Well I mean if you go to Germany, you have to Dm him,

Sara (11:45):

I’m gonna go back into those DM and be like, what’s up Fred? You said you’d show me around. I’m here.

Harper (11:51):

Hey man, give the tour.

Sara (11:52):

Yeah. Come on, show me all the good spots. Yeah. It’s so funny.

Phoebe (11:55):

It’s crazy. Oh my God. Okay.

Phoebe (12:00):

Who’s the most influential person in your life?

Harper (12:02):

It’s Fred.

Harper (12:03):

Exactly. No kidding.

Sara (12:04):

So true.

Sara (12:05):

So, um, this is hard cuz I could choose like a family member of a, or I could choose like a famous person. Can I say two?

Harper (12:12):


Phoebe (12:12):

Yeah, go for it.

Sara (12:13):

Okay. I’ll say one of each. I’d say like, famous person in the eye of like society is Stevie Nicks.

Harper (12:20):

so valid.

Sara (12:21):


Harper (12:21):

I love her.

Sara (12:22):

I am, uh, Stevie Nicks connoisseur. Like I love that woman.

Harper (12:29):

She’s perfect.

Sara (12:30):

Yep. And actually fun fact, the Ms. Johnson podcast, Ms. Johnson, when I was in her class, modern world history, um, she went to the Stevie Nick concert at the Gorge and I wanted tickets super bad, but I couldn’t go. And so she brought me back like a bag from the Stevie Nick concert. Yeah. And I was like number one favorite teacher forever <laugh>.

Harper (12:49):

I am so jealous.

Sara (12:50):

Yeah. But I was like, I, I don’t know. I love Phoenix. I love I’m, my life is basically music. My, that’s what I’ve grown up in. And so lyrics are a huge thing to me.

Harper (13:00):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.

Sara (13:00):

and Stevie Nick is like one of the biggest people that I’m like inspired by because of the art of her lyrics and the honesty. So yeah, she’s just like wonderful. And then I’d say someone I’m like directly associated with, unfortunately I’m not directly associated with Stevie Nick, but, um,

Harper (13:18):

imagine if you were though.

Sara (13:19):

I know.

Harper (13:19):

Like, like are you kidding?

Sara (13:22):

Um, I’d say it would be my dad. Jeffrey, <laugh> Jeffrey. He is wonderful and don’t like, don’t get me wrong, my mother as well, <laugh>. But, um, my dad is very, again, music. That’s, that’s what I talk about all the time. Um, since I was little, me and my sister and my dad, um, have gone to concerts. Um, so it’s kind of this thing we do. We, every year we look at our venues that we like to go to and like rack up who we wanna go to and get tickets for all of ’em. Um, so it’s kind of like a little tradition. Um, and yeah, it’s just super fun. It’s like a, I don’t know, a bonding experience we’ve all had. And he introduced my mom to like concerts and stuff too. Yeah. So it’s just like, yeah. He’s like the glue. He’s my favorite. Yeah.

Harper (14:10):

What’s the best concert you’ve been to aside from meeting Fred?

Sara (14:13):

Oh my God, that’s so difficult. Um, I’ve been at 32 concerts.

Phoebe (14:17):

Oh holy cow.

Sara (14:17):

As of today…

Sara (14:21):

Let me think <laugh> I’ll say.

Harper (14:22):

Double Digits man.

Phoebe (14:23):

Past that

Sara (14:23):

It’s hard. It’s hard because, because I am a huge Harry Styles fan. Like since X Factor.

Harper (14:33):

You saw him last year didn’t you?

Sara (14:34):

And I saw him last year.

Phoebe (14:36):


Sara (14:37):

Um, but I don’t remember it. Like, I think I was in Shock <laugh>. Um, so like that’s a good one just to say like, I went to Harry like that was my dream concert and I finally got to do it. Um,, one of my favorites is Caamp. I don’t know if you if you guys know Caamp, but

Harper (14:51):

I went to their concert last summer.

Sara (14:53):

Yeah. I went to both nights and they’re one of my favorite bands ever.

Harper (14:57):

Literally love of my life.

Sara (14:58):

Yes. And I actually have a story about that <laugh>.

Harper (15:01):

What? Give the Caamp stories.

Sara (15:03):

Okay. But it’s not Unaccount of me. It’s like account of my sister.

Harper (15:05):

Okay. Still give me the Caamp story.

Phoebe (15:06):

My sister is like the lead singer’s age, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Right. And so that night I drove my sister and her friend into town after that concert and uh, they met the band at the union club. And so the next morning I was getting all these pictures of them hanging out all night. And now my sister’s roommate and Taylor the lead singer mm-hmm. <affirmative>, like FaceTime every day are like really good friends and Taylor’s brother goes to MSU with my sister and they’re like becoming best friends.

Harper (15:36):

It’s my dream.

Sara (15:36):

I’m like, okay guys. And well, and so that was the first night and the second night they invited them backstage.

Harper (15:43):

Living my dream.

Phoebe (15:44):

your family just has a ya novel like timeline.

Harper (15:47):

literally you guys are just the ya band novel

Phoebe (15:50):

Multiple Series.

Sara (15:51):

And my sister like, was like sending me pictures and stuff and I was like, okay, what is the reason that I’m not back there literally right now?

Phoebe (15:57):

I drove You.

Sara (15:59):

I literally drove you. I’m the reason that you met this man. Like bring me back there and I will never forgive her for that. But <laugh>

Harper (16:06):

Honestly Fair.

Sara (16:06):

Yeah. But it’s, I mean it’s fun. Yeah. Um, no,

Harper (16:09):

But there music is so goo.d. They’re, it’s

Sara (16:12):

So good.

Harper (16:13):

And even like listening to it live, I was prepared for a little bit of Oh it’s not quite the same they sounded they’re

Sara (16:19):

Exactly. It was better live. I They’re better live. They are. And I think another one of my favorite concerts and if you haven’t listened to them, go to like listen to them if you like lyricism and stuff like that you loves is the Avett Brothers w know Who they are. The ABT brothers are another kind of like folk band, but I’ve been to them twice and I’m going for them hopefully a third time this year. We’ve had our tickets for three years cuz Covid got canceled. Oh wow. Last year it got canceled cuz they were sick. Yeah. Uh, our show of course. And they’re coming back this year. Um, but it’ll be my third time seeing them and

Harper (16:50):

Sorry. No. Yeah. Sorry to interrupt. Are there still tickets on sale?

Sara (16:53):

<laugh>? Um, I don’t think so. Only because it’s the one from three years ago. So it’s everyone. It was sold out and everyone kept their tickets so that’s where I was. I would look though cuz some people might have sold them.

Harper (17:04):

I’ll just check like Craigslist or something too.

Sara (17:06):

Yeah, definitely. But I don’t know, I’m,

Harper (17:08):

That’s where I got mine

Sara (17:09):

Caamp tickets. I’m so excited. <laugh> good place to find tickets honestly. Um, um, but they’re honestly just such beautiful lyricists and the reason I brought them up is cuz we were talking about they sound better life than they sound recorded. And I stand by that <laugh> and they’re two brothers and then two like yeah people behind them and it’s, they’re so good. <laugh>.

Harper (17:28):

I definitely love the uh, brothers for sure. Yeah. But I just love folks folk music.

Sara (17:34):

Me too. It’s what I’ve been grown on literally.

Harper (17:36):

It’s my genre.

Sara (17:38):

Yeah, me too. For sure.

Phoebe (17:40):

And then you are big with lyrics. Do you do any songwriting of your own?

Sara (17:46):

Um, <laugh> when I was like nine <laugh> I did and I thought I was like professional and was perfect but no, not anymore. I’m a big writer so I like write stuff but I never have really been a song writer. No.

Harper (18:01):

Gotcha. Yeah. Okay.

Phoebe (18:03):

Your life’s writing a book itself because like, like yeah.

Harper (18:06):

What to the point of writing songs, when you got all the bands to do it for you <laugh>,

Phoebe (18:11):

um, what is the moment you were proudest of yourself?

Sara (18:16):

Oh God. Honestly probably when I found out that I’m like for sure graduating this year. Um, because I have not had to like I’ve had a good time in high school but there’s also been rough patches, you know? Yeah. It’s a little, I was with everyone and it’s, I’ve gone through some stuff in high school <laugh>, so I was kind of just like, you know, I know I’m capable of doing this mm-hmm. <affirmative>

Sara (18:39):

And I want to do it so why would I not do it? And I talked to Ms. KK and I was like, listen up. Like I would love to like go through this process and at first it was a little rough mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, cuz just, I don’t know, counting all your credits mm-hmm. <affirmative> because stuff happens along the way that you don’t know will happen.

Harper (18:59):


Sara (18:59):

And like one thing could change the trajectory of like you’re, if you’re gonna graduate if you’re not gonna graduate. Yeah. Right. Um, I like took cybersecurity, which was a class I had never heard of and I took it and it was so difficult. It was so hard and especially it being online. Yeah. Um, cuz the teacher like couldn’t talk all the time mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, but I was really thought I was gonna fail that final and I passed it. So honestly probably then.

Harper (19:24):


Phoebe (19:24):

Yeah. Right.

Sara (19:25):

Cause I was like oh my god. Cuz I knew once I passed that I was like for sure set to graduate, so. Right. Yeah. It’s probably that moment.

Phoebe (19:32):

And then what are your plans since you’re graduating?

Harper (19:35):

Yeah, I was gonna, ask.

Sara (19:36):

Those have actually been like changing lately. Um, <laugh>, my plans at first were to go, cause I got accepted at U of M mm-hmm. <affirmative> were to go to the two year college there. So it’s kind of like, I think it’s community college. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, a lot less money. It’s more directed towards finding out what you want to do. Yeah. Right. Instead of being forced to say what you wanna do immediately. Right. Which is like obviously I dunno a hundred percent what I want to do mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, and so I applied there, got accepted, but I’ve kind of been thinking recently that I might take a gap year and work and kind of explore because as much as I’ve traveled, I was raised in Missoula.

Phoebe (20:15):


Sara (20:15):

Um, and I mean, being place temporary is awesome, but also living in the same place for so many years. And like even if you make new friends, like those friends have connections with your old friends, like it’s kind of a cycle. Yeah. And I’ve like kind of been stuck in it for a while so I’m kind of like, it’ll be nice to go to different places. Um, and I have like, I have a friend who has a restaurant in Alaska that needs help waiting. So going over there for a couple months helping with that. Um, we have a friend who have a House in Long Beach, Washington going there for a couple months working there, just like living on my own and finding some places to like experience even just for like temporary like couple months, you know? Right.

Harper (20:57):

I feel like gap years are so underrated too. Like it gives you a chance to really get to know yourself outside of the environment of I need to get this assignment done, I need to get this done, I need to get this right. And kind of just know yourself and explore and meet new people. Try new things. So you actually get the chance to understand like who you are and what you want do well.

Sara (21:14):

Yeah, exactly. Absolutely. It’s like a lot better of an opportunity to figure out what exactly you want to do. Um, cuz college is a lot of money for not being sure what you want to do. 100%. Um, so yeah,

Harper (21:26):

The fact that going to college, there’s 100% the possibility that you’ll dedicate, you know, two, three years to a major than realize I hate this. Exactly. And have, you’ve paid all that money for nothing.

Sara (21:36):

Yeah. And I’m a very paranoid person, so that’s like all I think about. Yeah. And I’m like, I feel like I’d rather, you know, because people are telling me I should be worried about like taking year off and not remembering how to do math and stuff like that. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And I think I’d be more worried about like not taking a year off and knowing how to do that stuff, but like Right. Not knowing, ultimately going down a path that I don’t want to continue for the rest of my life. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I don’t know. Yeah. Kind of just like, you know, I’d rather experience new places and stuff like that. Right. And and then you’ll even be going into college the same age as Yeah, exactly. <laugh>. Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t, so

Harper (22:12):

Taking the time off, you’re, you might forget some things, but it’s not like college class is gonna pick up directly where you left off.

Sara (22:18):

Yeah. Hundred percent.

Harper (22:19):

Like it’s gonna be the review in the parts and it, you’ll have time for it to come back to you. So.

Phoebe (22:23):

Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. And like of all the people that can do it, I’d say you are like, you’re very like, mature and stuff and

Harper (22:31):

You’re, you’re on top of it.

Phoebe (22:32):

You’re like, you’ll be fine.

Sara (22:33):

I appreciate that. Thank you.

Phoebe (22:36):

And then I guess since you’re leaving Sentinel High School, highlight, what was your <laugh>, what’s the highlight of the high school <laugh>?

Sara (22:44):

It’s so hard cuz there’s so many <laugh>. Um, I would say, I mean honestly I’m someone who’s not huge on like sports and stuff like that. <affirmative>. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. I used to play volleyball and stuff like that, um, and soccer. But I do think the football games are super fun. Yeah. I not, it’s not normally my scene. I didn’t go to a ton of ’em, but when I did, like as much as there’s like rivalry around where to stand and stuff like that mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, overall it is like kind of a unity mm-hmm. <affirmative> of Right. You know, you’re cheer for people, you know. <affirmative> and you’re cheering for them, like doing their best and then winning and <affirmative> even though like all these people come from different spots and said, oh, don’t even know each other. Like people actually all coming together mm-hmm. <affirmative> and cheer for the same thing is really cool. So probably those and the themes are fun. So <laugh> <laugh>.

Phoebe (23:40):

Yeah. I know like with those you sometimes just like end up next to someone. Yeah. You’re, you don’t know. And then yeah. You’re like there for the same reason. That’s really absolutely

Harper (23:48):

I’m a band kid. When I be at football games, I’m in the band section. I don’t know what y’all are talking about,

Phoebe (23:52):

But, well it sucks that are, uh, our high school soccer seasons then. Yeah. Just like, it was just like, it did not work this year. I just didn’t get to. Yeah.

Sara (24:01):

And I went to, I went to a couple of the soccer games and I, I like soccer just to watch soccer.

Phoebe (24:06):

Oh, good for you. Cause, I play it and I don’t like watching it <laugh>. I just think its boring.

Sara (24:11):

The thing was like, I played soccer for 11 years mm-hmm. <affirmative> and I really liked the game. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but I didn’t love the competitiveness of it and that’s why I didn’t, don’t do volleyball anymore either. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but I loved to watch it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. It’s weird. It’s like an opposite thing. So, but yeah. I, yeah. Those games are fun to watch.

Harper (24:29):

That’s kind of how it was for me with soccer too.

Sara (24:31):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah.

Phoebe (24:32):


Phoebe (24:33):

What’s your outlook on life?

Sara (24:35):

My outlook on live, um, you know how people say Yolo? Yeah. <laugh>. I say, I say Yo-yo <laugh>, um, I think your only young once and you gotta just do what you wanna do, you know? Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, unless it’s like horrible, but I think that people overthink too much and at least for me, I know that cuz I did. Yeah. And I’ve gotten past that point, which is really cool. I’m at the spot where I don’t really care what people think. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I’m gonna do what I want to do. Cuz it’s a lot more valuable to have trust in yourself and have like courage and faith in yourself than to base that off of what other people think of you. Right. Um, I just think that’s really valuable and I think that people should be seen as human cuz that’s what they are. And not for stupid stuff that like, just because someone’s different does not mean that they’re not human. Yeah. So I think that it’s kind of ridiculous that people act the way they do. And I just, I hope a day comes where we can all have conversations without getting in arguments on having different political views Yeah.

Harper (25:43):

Or views on science and if it’s real or like you shouldn’t.

Sara (25:48):

Yeah. 100%. And I just think, I don’t know, it seems simple, but there’s a lot of stuff like that Right. That people just mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Mm-hmm <affirmative> people are weird, you know, <laugh>. Yeah. I think that we just all need to have a outlook on life. That it’s life. Like we’re all living so mm-hmm. <affirmative>, why are we making it negative? Like

Harper (26:06):

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do whatever you want.

Sara (26:08):

Exactly. Yeah.

Harper (26:09):

Just have fun.

Sara (26:10):


Harper (26:11):

Thank you guys so much for listening to episode two of Spartans and Focus.

Phoebe (26:15):

Thank you Sarah for joining us.

Sara (26:17):

Thank you

Harper (26:18):

<laugh>. We’ll see you guys next month.

Phoebe (26:20):

Can you make a strange noise for us?

Harper (26:22):

Pretty, pretty, please.

Sara (26:24):