“This Is Why” the album finally released


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Band Paramore Performing

Paramore is an American Rock band from Franklin, Tennessee built by: lead vocalist Haley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro. The band released their debut album “All We Know Is Falling” in 2005 and the album reached #4 on the UK rock chart in 2009. With the release of six studio albums, the band had major success and a few songs became major party rock hits. Songs such as: “The Only Exception”, “Still Into You”, and “Ain’t It Fun” are their most notable releases. 

 “This Is Why”
the album
finally released

Paramore’s band has had its ups and downs. The ups were top hits in the music industry and the downs, drama within the band and in the media. A year after the album Brand New Eyes was released Paramore shared that band members Josh and Zac Farro were leaving the band. After the split, the remaining band members shared with the media that they weren’t very surprised with Josh and Zac Farro leaving and for the most part it seemed that the decision was best for the band’s mental stability. Though the breakup did not last long; after the album After Laughter was released fans were informed that Zac Farro was in fact the drummer in most of the songs in the album. Paramore even released T-Shirts on their website with an image of young Zan Farro with writing saying, “I’m back”.

This February, Paramore released their latest album; following a 6 year hiatus since their last release After Laughter in 2017. The band shared with the media that they took a break from releasing new music due to political come back and band controversy. In an interview with Billboard music, Williams said; “Everything is political, and it’s either politicized to a degree that maybe isn’t fair or it just inherently is political”.  The newest album This Is Why is about “The Plethora of ridiculous emotions, the rollercoaster of being alive in 2022, having survived even just the last three or four years” according to band member Haley Williams.  Also being based on the critique of societies lack of empathy and the human tendency to have strong beliefs that cannot be swayed due to stubbornness. The following tracks are on This Is Why; “This Is Why”, “The News”, “Running Out Of Time”, “C’est Comme Ca”, “Big Man, Little Dignity”, “You First”, “Figure 8”, “Liar”, “Crave” and “Thick Skull”

The first track on the new album that has been ranked #1 according to Billboard music is “This Is Why”. This song serves as the album’s opening thesis but also executes the unpleasant reality of the past few years. Williams expresses her disappointment in humans and their lack of empathy while also admitting that she rather just be outside of society; hence the lyric, “This is why I don’t leave the house”. Though the band has always been known by fans to be bold and not afraid to show emotion in their music, this album is much different from the rest and deserves a listen to.