Evan Peters receives the majority of the fire

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 The Netflix series about the famous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer is under severe criticism from the real victims and the viewers of the show. Evan Peters (who plays Jeffery Dahmer in the series) undergoes many of the attacks and remarks.

It was a difficult
one to make
and a difficult
one to watch

– Evan Peters

In the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, Evan Peters was nominated for Best Actor in a Limited Series, ultimately winning that award.

His accepting speech is what really caused the uproar around the whole series. Many people are angry that he did not thank and acknowledge Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims and their families.

Allegedly, the mother of one of Jeffery Dahmer’s victims, Shirley Hughes, has come out and stated that Netflix did not come forward to any of the victims with producing this show and accused Netflix of simply running with the true crime craze without any regard to the weight of the topics being addressed. Shirley stated in an interview with the Guardian, “I don’t see how they can use our names and put stuff out like that out there.”

Overall, many are completely disgusted that Evan Peters even received an award. People are revolted that Jeffery Dahmer is being glamorized in a sense. They say it is severely offensive that Evan Peters is honored for his performance in acting out a serial killer. In a way Jeffery Dahmer is being rewarded for his actions and his crimes. Shirley said in an interview with TMZ, “People winning acting roles from playing killers keeps the obsession going and this makes sick people thrive on the fame,”

With the series even being produced, many think it gives people more of an opportunity to idolize Jeffery Dahmer and his killings. However after the media got involved with Jeffery Dahmer’s case there have always been people who sympathized and praised him. When Jeffery Dahmer was in jail he received many letters and cards. Many of the notes said they felt sorry for Jeffery or that he was really cool. In the documentary series, it shows the “gifts” as well. The whole production behind telling a story like Dahmer’s can just glorify him entirely. If not careful in how the series is told, it can be painted in a light that romanticizes murder. 

This can be further applied when considering the true crime genre. Any retelling of a true crime story can glamorize and idolize criminals that do not deserve that gratification. Numerous people believe that art from the true crime genre should not be eligible for awards like the Golden Globe. 

It’s important to be aware of the possible exploitation of true crime and its victims as they have to relive the traumatic events again. The Jeffery Dahmer series is reliving the traumatic events that were caused by the sadistic serial killer and Evan Peters is caught in that cross fire. Many love the show while others are displeased with its existence but whether or not, Netflix has made the Jeffrey Dahmer series and it has taken the entertainment world by storm.