Everyone grade has an ‘ick’ and here’s Spartan Scoops opinion on the matter.


sketch of teacher bending over a desk to help a student.

The Spartan Scoop staff consists of all grades; everyone had something to add to our list, whether it was about their own grade, a different grade, or all of them. It was extremely fun to read over, and had everyone giggling by the time it was said and done.

Without further ado, here are some of the SHS ‘icks’ that the Scoop staff have brainstormed: 


  • Acting like they’re tough because they’re aren’t in middle school anymore.
  • Having their parents block the pick up area making it so WE CAN’T GET OUT.
  • Building the Great Wall of China in the hallway with all their friends…then walking incredibly slow.
  • Skipping class, only to wander around the halls.
  • Congregating as an entire tribe in the bathroom for no reason.
  • Short.
  • Insulting you in the hallway for no reason with no reasonable motive.
  • Barking at passersby.


  • Insulting freshmen by just referring to them as “freshmen”.
  • Thinking they’re superior humans to freshmen simply because they’re a year older.
  • Thinking they have it figured out (when in reality they most certainly do not).
  • Flinging their keys around on a lanyard because they just got their license.
  • Being loud. Please stop, everyone.
  • Claiming they’re burnt out…like oh honey, it gets so much worse. You don’t even know what burn out is yet.


  • Being bland, like old people.
  • Having an ungodly amount of things on their lanyard/keychain.
  • Eating a whole four course meal in class
  • Completely and utterly lacking all sense of humility.
  • Thinking it’s a flex to peak in high school (News flash: it is 100% not.)


  • Putting on an apathetic tone about everything.
  • Feeling superior just because of age.
  • Lacking any and all awareness.
  • Bragging about having less classes if they already got their credits
  • Making athletics their entire personality.
  • Referring to their friends that are grades below them as “babies”.
  • Losing all hope and giving up at the first sight of second semester.

And of course we had to throw teachers into the mix so no one felt left out:


  • Bending over to help somebody…and surrounding students having less than pleasant scenery as a result.
  • Not explaining something thoroughly enough, and then getting mad when few in the class actually do understand. 
  • Not connecting with their students.
  • Getting along too well with the one gender over the other.
  • Acting like the world revolves around their class
  • Coming off as intimidating…what’s the point of that? 
  • Saying “this won’t fly in college”. We suspect that yes, in fact, some things will indeed fly in college.
  • Teaching just so they can coach sports.

Obviously not everyone falls into these categories or does all of these things. These ‘icks’ are based mainly on stereotypes surrounding each grade level and what a few Scoop staffers have encounter…basically this is in no way meant to be taken to heart.

Regardless, we just hope to give everyone a light-hearted laugh in the midst of just trying to survive the year. Keep at it, Spartans!