It is officially the time of year when senioritis takes over the minds of seniors


Photo from Tassle Depot

Graduation Caps being thrown.

Here at Sentinel High School, students are preparing for finals for their classes which take place the week of January 16th-20th. Following that week will be the start of 2nd semester, which holds the excitement that us students have made it halfway through the school year! This time of year is especially exciting for us seniors because it means we only have to suffer one more semester until we graduate. 

Those who are planning to attend college the fall of 2023 are submitting their final applications to their schools and are eagerly waiting for admission responses. Meanwhile in the school,  the importance of submitting senior pictures to the yearbook is at its peak and school counselors are sending out graduation dates. With all that you could say, seniors can’t wait!

It Is Officially
The Time Of Year
When Senioritis
Takes Over The
Minds Of Seniors.

As I am one of those seniors who feels the excitement of 2nd semester being around the corner, I find it astounding how fast this year has gone by. Or feeling the “wow High School truly did fly by” which I hope gives hopes to those underclassmen who feel like they will be stuck in High School forever. Though it may seem terrible while you are at school, it does go by fast and I think a great way to make your time in Highschool count is by getting involved. Whether that be by joining clubs, sports or just going to school sponsored events, it really does  make the school experience more enjoyable

Along with this time of year being exciting, it also comes with lots of challenges and nerves. For seniors especially; a whole lot of the nerves are coming from the realization that they are leaving high school forever which comes with lots of decisions. A route many seniors take is applying for colleges. Applying for colleges is such a fun experience because you are in control of what you want to study and it gives you lots of independence. Though applying for different colleges is enjoyable for some, it does come with challenges. Those challenges being, application fees and unavoidable rejections from colleges. 

With it being the seniors final semester in High School ever, a silly thing called “Senioritis” becomes very serious. It makes you so eager to graduate that you may start slacking on homework or even maybe behaving differently at school. Which isn’t great because, senior year is overall the most important year and the grades you receive impact your overall High School career. So even though everyday is bringing seniors a little closer to graduation, it is very important that Seniors are trying their best, including having good attendance, good behavior and trying their best in classes.

Second semester will include new classes for students to try along with the start of spring sports which will carry lots of excitement throughout the school. Along with new experiences for students, Seniors will be getting ready to commit to their colleges and say their final goodbyes to High School.