life in the dark

it shows the movie title, but does the book just as much justice


the original movie poster from 1994

Life In the dark

Interview With The Vampire was the first book of the Vampire Chronicles, which was written by “American author,” Ann Rice. Being the first book of the chronicles, it introduced many memorable characters that would show later throughout the following books. Taking a new perspective on how vampire-based stories were written, Rice wrote her characters, to have emotions, and to question their own existence and others. She showed us a new side to these creatures of the night. Set in the early 1900s, the story is told from the perspective of a young plantation owner, by the name of Louis de Pointe du Lac. It follows him as he tells his life story to a reporter. 

Louis was born in France on October 4, 1766, to a Roman Catholic family who emigrated to Louisiana when he was young. His mother, sister, and brother lived just outside New Orleans on one of their two indigo plantations. He took care of his mother, sister, and brother after the passing of his father. Louis’s brother, who insists that he has religious visions, dies after a terrible quarrel with Louis. Louis started to blame himself for his brother’s death, becoming self-destructive, cynical, and desperate. He longed for the release of death but didn’t have the courage to commit suicide. He took to frequent taverns and other places of ill repute, instigating fights and duels in hope that someone might kill him. 

As Louis was out on one of his drunken travels, he gets attacked by a vampire by the name of Lestat de Lioncourt. Lestat is described to be a tall, beautiful young man with golden blond hair, he resembles that of an angel. Lestat drained him of his blood, almost killing him, but didn’t, he left Louis there until he was found the next morning. Believing he had a stroke due to the alcohol, he refused to eat or drink, refusing to talk to a doctor. That same night, Lestat returned for Louis. Lestat talked him through what he might become as a vampire. As Louis agreed, he realized that morning would be his last sunrise as a human. The process of Louis’ transformation went through various steps. First, he was to watch the overseer of his plantation die by Lestat’s hand and approve. Even though Louis didn’t hold his life in high regard, he cared dearly for other people’s lives and was deeply sickened by the overseer’s death.      

Rice put a lot of amazing detail and thought into this book which made it appealing and an enjoyable read. She gave her characters life and made you feel like you were experiencing it with them through her words. The storyline was well-written and she knew how to add detail in the right places to keep the reader interested and wanting to read more. Being the first book of the chronicles, it had me craving for more of her work. She is an amazing writer, and the stories she tells are just as amazing and creative.